WEARING {my style}

Two of my favorites right this minute.
I need more tee shirts in different colors.
I was a bit nervous to wear camo moto style pants, but I LOVE these. 

And the pants run a tad big and stretch out fast
 so I got a size 6. 
I usually wear an 8...so order down a size.

Shirt + Pants  

Worth every penny for both items!



 About a month ago Blake stopped going to school.
There was nothing I could do to get him there.
He was just done.

And I'll admit, I was done with the fight also.
It was more a fight in my own head
about feeling like a failure as a mother.
There was nothing I could do to motivate him, change his attitude,
help him get to school. 

I tried everything and when EVERYTHING didn't work
I ended up in tears. I mean it's my job to get my kids to school.

After a week of him staying home and doing small school work
projects like a book report, a small science project and some math on SumDogs,
I decided to entertain the idea of Independent Studies to finish out the school year.
This was the only option we HADN'T tried and I wanted to know if it might work.

After meeting with Blake's wonderful Principal we had a plan in place.
He would finish out the year with Short-Term Independent Studies.
This means that the work comes directly from his teacher
and should take about 3-4 hours per day. 
His teacher knows his abilities and what he needs to work on
so she didn't overwhelm us with too much work.

We started 2 weeks ago.
Blake was so excited.
We went and bought a desk for him to work at.

We also purchased a small white board weekly calendar
where I fill-in his work for the week and also
attach his Journal Prompt for each day.

We bought him a fun pencil to celebrate his new school journey from
The Printed Palette while we were down south at the Queen Bee Market.

PE includes baseball practice and swimming in our neighbors pool in the early afternoons.

Where else do you get to do your school work barefoot?
Well...maybe in Hawaii! But Blake thinks it's pretty cool.

The honeymoon period lasted one week
and the second week we had a few rough mornings
but it was nice to know we could just start school work a little later in the day!

This week we are plugging along.
On Monday we actually went and visited the Middle School
that Blake will be attending if he chooses to go back to traditional school.

As of right now...that is his plan.
He wants to try Redwood Middle School.
And I'm ok with that, because I know we have a plan
to fall back on that is working and keeping my boy relaxed and happy!

The other perk to this homeschooling/independent study program...
I have a lunch date more often than not these days!


New Challenge Starting June 7th!

This next challenge will be called...
6 Week Simple Summer Challenge.

I'd love to have you join or share the info with a friend!


Dear Dave.

{If this link doesn't play click on the link to you tube...
I love this version of the song. You will thank me!}
Dear Dave, 

My new favorite song reminds me a little of our start 20 years ago.
My parents weren't rude but they weren't completely thrilled that I was marrying the Kennedy boy.
I think they were more worried or being cautious that we were rushing into something so quickly the second time around. But we knew what we were doing. We were starting our family.
And it didn't take them long to fall in love with you and know you would take really good care of me.

And here we are 20 years later. This summer I love our idea of celebrating 20 years of us with 20 dates.  Starting it off with our Marriage Maintenance weekend to San Clemente was nice. The sunset on the beach as Date #1 (while we sat in our car because it was chilly) was perfect and funny. I love our weekends away, but really felt somewhat disappointed in this last getaway. I was so preoccupied with Blake and schooling and you were so preoccupied with just getting in the water to surf that I think we missed the connection we usually make on those weekends away. With that said, it was still nice to get away just the two of us. Get away from work, kids, house and just relax...and that we did. I love anytime I get to be with you. Just you. I also really like anytime we get to spend as a family with you! 

We go in phases where we really take time for each other each day and times where we are like ships passing in the night. You walk in and sit down and watch surf cams on the internet and I sit and play words with friends until we are both falling asleep...usually me on the couch and you in the chair. So this summer I want to make you a few promises...to help us connect more in the evenings, once we finally get all the kiddos in bed and asleep. Here they are:

1. Make room for you on the couch with me in the evenings.

2. Not play words with friends late into the night.

3. Sleep naked more often. Or at least crawl into bed naked more often. (It is amazing how just cuddling naked, even when exhausted can help in the intimacy department. If you feel you need to spruce up that area of your relationship, I dare you to try it!)

I saved number 3 for last because I knew if I made it number 1 you wouldn't read 2 and 3! 
I have been close to tears everyday since we came back from San Clemente. So much going on with your too busy work schedule, Blake's new school opportunities, Kaia hardly home anymore and waiting on Little Mister's journey. I know we need to make these few changes and I hope they will help us feel just a little more connected at the end of our all too long days.  

To end, we need to start thinking about what our Date #2 will be! 20 is a lot of dates during the summer. I'm game for anything. It doesn't have to be big, I just need to be with you.



Dear Blog...

Dear Blog,

I really do have big plans for you. Just not enough time. I guess I could sleep less. I used to think sleep was over-rated, but now I love sleep. Oh how I love getting 7 hours each night. Little Mister is bound to wake me up a few of those nights still, but the thought of crawling into bed sounds so good at the end of the day. Does that make me old? Friday at 9:30 is my crash-time!

I have great pictures of bedroom make-overs to post. I have some yummy food recipes I have wanted to share and I have tons of things I want to share that are on my WANT list and I'm sure will be on yours also with regard to clothes style and home style. Specifically, these little tshirts I have been buying Little Mister. The one I just purchased today says....Say QUESO! Love it. Love him. He adds so much to our little family.

We are patiently waiting for Little Mister to hopefully become ours one day. We'd love for it to be official so I could share his name with his cute face in the same post! He is hispanic, so we will officially become part hispanic on his gotcha day too. At least that is how we see it! Hence, the Say QUESO t-shirt. We have been working on our spanish and hoping to teach him to be bilingual. That is so important to us. I'll share more why in a later post....when he is official!

Another 60 Day Challenge has started and that took up all my time the last two weeks getting teams registered and started. Words with Friends and this little blog was second fiddle. But good things are happening on that challenge and the emails I get from people who have had such positive changes in their life make it all worth it.

Dave and I have been working on finding balance again in our marriage. It seems when Little Miss left we were both starving for selfish time. We started keeping track again, not paying a lot of attention to each other and fighting over silly things. Thankfully we recognized it before it was too late and have been working hard on that happy marriage thing that some people might think comes so easily to us. Oh it doesn't....it takes so much work. And lots of giving, taking and forgiving. We could probably share a few Dear Dave + April posts here in future on what we did to fix it again!

Blake is growing before my eyes. Seriously...in inches! And he is so funny. He has a quick wit like his dad and cracks the funniest jokes. He keeps us all laughing which is good, because there are so many days that are still hard for him, with regards to going to school, that I would be crying if I wasn't laughing. I know which fights to pick and which ones to leave alone. Some people might think I'm crazy for being casual about some of those things, but until you have lived in our house with him, I only ask....please don't judge!!

I crawl into bed with Kaia a lot in the mornings to wake her up. I am reminded often that her time with us is short. She is a junior in high school and not home a lot. I guess it is the gently prepping of when she will be off to college and not living at home at all for awhile....and maybe even for forever. Oh that kills my heart. So I crawl into bed with her in the mornings. Sometimes I fall back asleep with her cuddling her like a little girl but sometimes we lay in bed and talk for a good 30 minutes or so...which makes her run a bit late, but I think it is worth it. Many heart to hearts have taken place on/in her bed and I wouldn't trade those conversations for anything. Not even an extra hour of sleep at 5:00 am...which is usually when I am crawling into her bed to wake her to start her school morning. That is the only time I will consider sleep-overrated...when I'm chatting with my girl in her bed. She has a beautiful soul that many see a glimpse of but those early morning chats have let me into so much more. She is a very special girl who touches many people in just a few minutes of speaking with her. Imagine why I cherish those 30 minutes. I learn a lot from Kaia and I hope she knows from our chats just how much I really truly love her.

Well the family just walked in from Blake's baseball practice pick up and I had planned on clearing the dishes while they were gone. They are still waiting there for me...the dishes. As well as the clothes in the dryer that I have tossed probably 5 times and the clothes in the washer that have now been washed 3 times. Good times. Good times. Keep them coming though because this family life is exactly what makes my heart so so happy! And, Dave just announced to the family that we were all going to bed early tonight. Hallelujah!

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