Dear Blog...

Dear Blog,

I really do have big plans for you. Just not enough time. I guess I could sleep less. I used to think sleep was over-rated, but now I love sleep. Oh how I love getting 7 hours each night. Little Mister is bound to wake me up a few of those nights still, but the thought of crawling into bed sounds so good at the end of the day. Does that make me old? Friday at 9:30 is my crash-time!

I have great pictures of bedroom make-overs to post. I have some yummy food recipes I have wanted to share and I have tons of things I want to share that are on my WANT list and I'm sure will be on yours also with regard to clothes style and home style. Specifically, these little tshirts I have been buying Little Mister. The one I just purchased today says....Say QUESO! Love it. Love him. He adds so much to our little family.

We are patiently waiting for Little Mister to hopefully become ours one day. We'd love for it to be official so I could share his name with his cute face in the same post! He is hispanic, so we will officially become part hispanic on his gotcha day too. At least that is how we see it! Hence, the Say QUESO t-shirt. We have been working on our spanish and hoping to teach him to be bilingual. That is so important to us. I'll share more why in a later post....when he is official!

Another 60 Day Challenge has started and that took up all my time the last two weeks getting teams registered and started. Words with Friends and this little blog was second fiddle. But good things are happening on that challenge and the emails I get from people who have had such positive changes in their life make it all worth it.

Dave and I have been working on finding balance again in our marriage. It seems when Little Miss left we were both starving for selfish time. We started keeping track again, not paying a lot of attention to each other and fighting over silly things. Thankfully we recognized it before it was too late and have been working hard on that happy marriage thing that some people might think comes so easily to us. Oh it doesn't....it takes so much work. And lots of giving, taking and forgiving. We could probably share a few Dear Dave + April posts here in future on what we did to fix it again!

Blake is growing before my eyes. Seriously...in inches! And he is so funny. He has a quick wit like his dad and cracks the funniest jokes. He keeps us all laughing which is good, because there are so many days that are still hard for him, with regards to going to school, that I would be crying if I wasn't laughing. I know which fights to pick and which ones to leave alone. Some people might think I'm crazy for being casual about some of those things, but until you have lived in our house with him, I only ask....please don't judge!!

I crawl into bed with Kaia a lot in the mornings to wake her up. I am reminded often that her time with us is short. She is a junior in high school and not home a lot. I guess it is the gently prepping of when she will be off to college and not living at home at all for awhile....and maybe even for forever. Oh that kills my heart. So I crawl into bed with her in the mornings. Sometimes I fall back asleep with her cuddling her like a little girl but sometimes we lay in bed and talk for a good 30 minutes or so...which makes her run a bit late, but I think it is worth it. Many heart to hearts have taken place on/in her bed and I wouldn't trade those conversations for anything. Not even an extra hour of sleep at 5:00 am...which is usually when I am crawling into her bed to wake her to start her school morning. That is the only time I will consider sleep-overrated...when I'm chatting with my girl in her bed. She has a beautiful soul that many see a glimpse of but those early morning chats have let me into so much more. She is a very special girl who touches many people in just a few minutes of speaking with her. Imagine why I cherish those 30 minutes. I learn a lot from Kaia and I hope she knows from our chats just how much I really truly love her.

Well the family just walked in from Blake's baseball practice pick up and I had planned on clearing the dishes while they were gone. They are still waiting there for me...the dishes. As well as the clothes in the dryer that I have tossed probably 5 times and the clothes in the washer that have now been washed 3 times. Good times. Good times. Keep them coming though because this family life is exactly what makes my heart so so happy! And, Dave just announced to the family that we were all going to bed early tonight. Hallelujah!




STITCH FIX FOR THE WIN....{my style}

I finally pulled the trigger and schedule my first Fix from Stitch Fix!

the box came.
I didn't wait even a minute to open it up.

And I had a winner.
I was excited and a tad bummed that I only had one winner....
but so thrilled with this top.
It is totally my style.
And has sleeves which is a necessity for me!
I put that in my profile.

I'm hoping next month I have more than one winner.

Here are the deets on each item I received.
Pros and Cons.


 Cute geo print || Black and White || Stretchy

 A little too short for my taste in a cropped pant || pull on style ||
no waistband meant every time I squatted down the pants inched down || 
$98 a little too spendy for pull on pants for me ||




None really for me || except maybe the color

The exact same style/brand/pant as the GEO Print ||
bummed to get two exact same pants || too short ||
not flattering at my problem area....upper thighs ||

$98 Returned


Color || Studs || Fit || Longer back || 3/4 Sleeve || Unique ||

None || Except maybe a tad worried the studs might fall off over time

SOLD $58
If I find a great blouse that is modest in sleeve and neckline and I love it....
the price is usually always right! *wink wink



3/4 Sleeve || Dolman Style || Super Soft & Comfy ||

Not a super fan of heathering unless it is monochromatic ||
Don't love the pink color || Cut makes my broad shoulders even broader ||
Just wasn't feeling it || 

$48 Returned



Cut || Style || Light Weight of Fabric || Longer sleeve length ||
Hood || Fit ||

Color Combo || Too dark heading into Spring/Summer for me ||

$64 Sadly Returned
but asked for different color combo if they have it in my next FIX!


I really like to shop for clothing myself. I know my style.
But I also like the idea of a personal shopper of sorts 
picking items based on my detailed profile I filled out on the website.
And also surprising me with something I might not pick myself.

I'm definitely intrigued. And beyond happy with the blouse I kept!

My next FIX is scheduled for May 17th. 
I can't wait.

Here is the link if you want to learn more about it and order you own Fix?

(I'd love if you'd use my referral link so I get a little credit.)



Loving... {my style}

I am a renewed fan of Toms today with this picture of sandals!

I was bored with their Classic. Even with all the new prints.
I bought a pair of their heels and loved them two years ago.
And I am now excited to pick a sandal for this summer!

It will definitely be one of the 'between the toes' style.
Just not sure which color yet!

Happy First Day of Spring.


Today I Was Just April....

Today I was greeted as April.
Just April.
Not Mommy.
Not Mommy April.

'Hi April!' she said with a grin as I walked in the door at daycare.
'April, come see!' 

She knew this was a new name for her to call me.
It sounded like she was testing it out.
Claiming stake on her new family. 
Claiming her new mommy and saving that name especially for her.
Using my first name alone for the first time.

'April, come over here.' 'April, sit down.'
I obliged.
Happily responding to just April.

It didn't make me sad.
It made me smile.
She is figuring it out.
She is a very smart girl.
Of course, I'm sure there will still be some days where she reverts
but everyday is a day closer to her forgetting some of her past
and building her beautiful future.

While she will always be a part of my heart, 
our family's heart,
I don't want to lay claim on her.
I don't want her to have to acknowledge us and her past.
It is an honor to be able to continue in her life as just April and Dave.
To watch her grow. To be happy.
To be loved and bonded. 

And she will always know we love her.
Just as we love all of Little Mister's bio siblings.
And one day when she is older, I hope to be able to share with her
how special the 2 years were while she was in our home.
But not until she is an adult or wants to hear or know about that part of her life.

Until then I just want her to move forward.
Because I love her so.

And because Little Mister follows Little Miss' suit.....
we just need to figure out how to get Little Mister
to call us Mommy and Daddy again!


Still Hard.

'How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.'
- winnie the pooh

Not a truer statement could be written on this picture.
I'm not asking for sympathy or searching for support
I'm just being honest when I say it has been a tough week for me.

I don't know why.
I'm not sure what spurred it.
I've cried looking through pictures.
I've cried walking through the little girl section of Target.
I've bawled while getting text updates on her this week.
I'm watching her move on and it hurts a bit.
It hurts because in my heart she still feels like mine.
But at the same time I want nothing more than for her to move on.
To be a part of the loving family she has.

5 months have passed and I still miss her like crazy.
I miss her silliness.
Her bottom toothless smile.
I miss her piggy toes.
Her pucker kisses.
Her arms squeezed tight around my neck.

But the texts I get of her smile.
Her true smile.
Her eyes smiling.
I know she is so happy.
So bonded.
And it makes my heart soar and break at the same time.
I truly believe that her time in our home for so long
did more good for her than we will ever know.

Had she been moved earlier on in the process I'm not sure she would be so
trusting and loving. So able to bond and love and care.

I see her regularly. But our relationship is different.
She is guarded a bit. I see it.
She runs to see me, then pauses.
Then offers a quick hug and sometimes a kiss if I'm lucky.

It is perfect. It is exactly what she should be doing.
But it doesn't make it always easy.

What comforts my heart most is knowing how loved she is right now.
And I know Heavenly Father's hand is in all our lives right now.
Bonding us through family dinners.
Although they are not needed for the bonding.
It was there instantly.
We are all bonded by love.
And a special sibling group.

I believe to some extent I will always question if we made the right decision.
Even though in my heart I know the right decision was made.
Prayerfully. Answers were given clearly.

And the peace that replaced the chaos reminds me often.
But doesn't make the goodbye part any easier.

Not 5 months later.
Maybe not even a lifetime later.


WEARING....CASUAL {my style}

This week's wearing is casual.
Which is how I dress daily.

These Sam Edelman booties....

With these dream Vigoss jeans....

And this J. Crew Factory t-shirt Dave bought me for Christmas....

Equals this outfit!


I really want those jeans though.

These jeans are Vigoss also from Nordstrom BP section.

Love that brand!



For two weeks now I have been feeling so guilty.

I judged. Someone.
Gives me a pit in my stomach just writing it out.
Not because I think I don't do it
but because I allowed myself to do it.

I usually try really hard to not pass judgment.
I'm a firm believer that we have no idea what life someone
is living behind closed doors.

Yet, I still found myself judging someone.

I gave this family a few chances to be friendly.
An introduction that was met curtly.
No small talk.
Barely a hello at my doorstep.
Just wondering if their son was at our house.
He needed to come home now.

Children playing outside in the rain.
In everyone's yards. 
Seemed like no supervision.
Although I send Blake out to play and watch from my window
and he plays all over the court.

Instead of peaking out my window and wondering what 
difficulties they might be fighting 
I ashamedly thought unfriendly and odd.

Then a friend shared with me that this family is going through
huge struggles right now. 
An illness in the family that no one would wish for.

My stomach flipped. Turned.
How dare I judged.
I walked into my house with tears welled up in my eyes.

A lost moment of an introduction with cookies at their doorstep a few months ago.
A wave and smile as I drove by.
How I want to offer dinner now, but I don't know them.
They don't know me.
I want to re-do so many things.

The kids are just trying to be kids during a difficult time.
This past week I have watched them play and offered a prayer for them.
Welcomed them into my yard to do cartwheels on my flat area of grass.
And plead for forgiveness from a loving Heavenly Father.

Today I was able to wave and offer a 'have a nice bike ride.' 
How I wanted to share so much more.
Be so much more for them.

Hopefully I will have the opportunity to approach and chat as the weather warms up.
And hopefully I will remember this lesson that I have learned.

Smile. Offer a helping hand. Invite. Welcome.
Things that I can do now.
Things I should have been doing all along.

My prayers have been fervent for this family.
My prayers have also been sincere in hoping for receiving forgiveness.

I believe in Christ.
I believe in his atonement and am grateful for it.
I pray that I might be more Christlike.
Slower to judge. 

And that this guilt might be replaced with opportunities.


Bachelor Re-Cap {Juan Pablo Two Night Event}

It's OK.

Oh boy. So I was so off on the whole what happened in the fantasy suite.
Personally I think my scenario would have made for better television.
But whatever.

I have to admit that during the hometown dates I was so annoyed
with Juan Pablo. His lack of communication and appropriate questions asked
drove me nuts. I started seeing him as a pretty shallow guy.
Wanted to blame the language barrier but just couldn't.
His hmmmm and aye aye aye bugged me.

I was so bummed.

Where does Clare come from?
She didn't resemble ANYONE in her family.
Her sister was luny and made for good TV although I was ready to slap her.
She gives Clare a run for her money.

I loved when Clare's mom finally go to talk and actually spoke Spanish to JP.
I don't have much to say about Clare except....
the only thing I like about Clare is her necklace she wears everyday.
I want a little gold necklace that I don't take off.

Her fake smile, her fake teeth, her fake forehead, her fake voice
her fake run when she sees him, her fake innocence in the ocean,
her fake concern over Camilla and the overnighter.

I'm starting to think she might be perfect for JP.
The first thing he loved about each girl when the parents asked was...
how pretty they were.
Then he went into a few qualities...but not much.

Andi's hometown was good.
Her dad had a lot of great points although seemed a tad harsh.
Every time JP says that Camilla is his EVERYTHING
I want to slap him because the girl he picks should be his everything.

I'm pretty sure whichever girl he picks will never be able to out-do Camilla in his book
and that is wrong. And Andi's Dad tried to tell him that in words
that the language barrier didn't help him understand.

Your wife comes first. Then your daughter, Juan Pablo.
They can both be your everything.
But this girl you want to marry should make you crazy in a good way!

Like Renee.
Perfect example of how it should of went.
Loved her hometown date.
LOVE her.

Want her or Andi as the next Bachelorette. Just saying.
Her son is darling and he is a really good baseball player.
Juan Pablo is missing out big time.
But then again, I'm not sure he wants to share Camilla that much right now.
And I was a little concerned that Renee never mentioned Camilla
whenever she would say I can see myself with JP. Him fitting into my life.
That seemed a tad strange to me.

Niki. Oh Niki. 
Your outfit was questionable on your overnighter daytime date.
Kind of forgot about your hometown date. 
Really can't remember anything about it.
You and Clare are equal in my book.
I really won't care who he ends up with.
Both of you would work in that world.
Although I think I like you a little bit more than Clare.
At least your forehead wrinkles!
And you are a peds nurse which holds a special place in my heart.

I think you are probably a really sweet girl and editing might not be fair to you
this season. But we will never know. You do have a smoking hot body.
Makes me want to work out just a little harder. Maybe. 
Although I'm not in my 20's anymore and really
I'm happy with my body right now.
But I digress.
I'm glad you had pants on horse back riding because no one would
want to see you in a skirt or thong.
Except JP. He got very excited about that idea.
Just proves that comment you made tells me
you are just a little Blah.

I was a little taken a back at how upset Andi was over the ordeal
in the fantasy suite. She could of just woke up and said he's not for me.
But she was fired up. Like was at her breaking point
and good for her for confronting him about his selfishness.
I went back and forth taking sides. I admit.
Surprised a bit.

I think he just doesn't think to ask about personal things.
Maybe they don't matter to him to know those things if he really likes a girl.
He REALLY stresses the chemistry and to his defense
he does seem really laid back and easy going about disagreements 
and misunderstanding. That is kind of a bonus if a guy is just like...
ehhh....you unhappy...it's ok. i'll make you happy.

But it also comes off as he doesn't care and I get Andi's side.
BUT for him to say you barely made it.
WRONG. Unacceptable.
That right there is what the fight should have been about.
He doesn't have a filter and maybe we could blame half on the language barrier.

I'm feeling like I'm missing a few key pieces. 
Fill me in on any moments you loved or hated.

I'm glad Andi and Renee went home.
I don't want to say they are too good for him,
but they need more from a man in the long run I believe.

Clare and Niki are perfect for him all the way around.
But with both of them crying and devastated in the previews
makes me wonder if he picks no one.

I love to hear them.


Trampoline Fun! {my life}

I'm kind of crazy.
Always have been. Always will be.

Yes I was a cheerleader, dancer and gymnast growing up!
While I can't do a back handspring anymore....
gave that up 10 years ago,
I still can do a toe touch.

On a trampoline of course.
And a herkie!
But I was too afraid to try a flip.

Happy Monday.

I really was just hoping I could do a toe touch without splitting my pants.

I kind of got excited on the first one and then went crazy in the middle!

And Dave really does love me even though he said I was going to break the trampoline.
We kid around like that.
Or I just ignore him!



WEARING {My Style}

I was so excited when I found this Fossil Dress.
It had the perfect little sleeves and just long enough for me!

And the zipper up the back sold me!

It is on sale at Fossil online!

For our CA winters I've paired it with tights and boots and
actually had a little cardigan on for church because it was chilly in the morning.
But I can't wait to pair this dress with a pair of nude heels!

I would have bought it in Black if they had my size.
I got a 10. I have a broad back/chest area and needed the length of the 10.

Bachelor Re-Cap {Juan Pablo Episode 7...maybe?}

{super cute kimono top}

Oh Juan Pablo. 
All the kissing and no talking is starting to get on my nerves.

Good for Sharleen for realizing that the sparks
will eventually settle down and they will have NOTHING to talk about.

Don't get me wrong. I still LOVE the guy.
It is just that the language barrier I think hurts in the broad spectrum
of available topics to talk about.
So he just kisses them.

But there was no denying Sharleen and JP had chemistry.

Niki gets the lucky card with the date and meet the family.
I'm pretty sure she was second guessing her outfit that day.
But in her defense...she is in Miami and wasn't told what they would be doing.
I think her pockets were longer than her shorts.
But her short floral print kimono....darling!

Now let's chat about her evening outfit.
It screams...need boob TAPE.
And is definitely not appropriate for the date again.
Wish they would fill her in on what they are doing.
Definitely not appropriate to throw a baseball in.
And the half lay down on the blanket...again thank goodness for the TAPE.
Although Juan Pablo seriously had a hard time keeping his eyes
focused above her neck.
Anyone else see that?

He really doesn't like these girls crying.
To be honest, when Sharleen went to talk to him
I wasn't even sure he understood what she was saying.
The goodbye looked to easy as she walked away.
I like that he appreciated and respected her honesty,
but he sure didn't express feelings of disappoint or make her
feel like he would fight for her.
I kind of respect him for not making her feel guilty or even worse
than she already did.
And then part of me wonders if he even understood what
she was telling him.
I think the producers might have had to fill him in on what was happening!

And before Sharleen went to him, I never saw Niki return home from her date.
I kind of got nervous.

He is so excited for serious one on one time on the beach
for his group date.
Umm...that will only happen if you keep your tongue in your mouth
Juan Pablo.

I think Andi playing the nervous card won her the rose.
I know he cares about most of the girls left a lot.
The only one that is a no brainer and will be going home is Chelsie.
Poor thing. Loved her mom's note and her dad's note!

Oh Clare your jealous side is so NOT attractive. 
Potty Mouth when you don't get your way.
Don't let your teeth get in the way of those filthy words.
You are just nervous that he won't remember his romp in the ocean with you
while he is romping in the ocean with all the other girls.
I mean that is what is happening with all of them if 'romping' only means
a make out sesh in the water.

Clare is as much as a brat as Niki.
I'm honestly not sure I like one more than the other
with regard to their behavior.
And I'm a little confused.
It's almost like the girls have no idea that Niki met Camilla
and his entire family. 
If he asked her to keep that quiet from the girls than she is far
more mature than Clare is giving her credit for.
I mean Clare would have rubbed that in the girls' faces
and toasted to it at the cocktail party!
The funny thing is both girls think they have one up on the other.
One had sex. I mean a romp in the ocean.
And the other met his whole family and daughter. 
Unfortunately Juan Pablo acts pretty casually about both situations!

And I'm a little surprised that Mama Renee is on Clare's side.
I know Niki can be a brat but she is no better
than fakey Clare.

Their argument was so childish and ridiculous.
Didn't even make for good tv.

Now next week...that looks like some good TV.
Here is what I think happens...
Juan Pablo has a hard time keeping his pants on during his overnighters.
At least with Andi. 
Andi isn't OK in the morning and speaks up.
Clare finds out she isn't the only one he has slept with
and the other two girls just feel betrayed.
And they all end up crying.
Because of Juan Pablo and his pants.
Oh...he doesn't like when they cry because of him.

My take on the whole who sleeps with who...
Those problems don't exist if you just keep your clothes on.
But in the real world most of them would probably sleep with
Juan Pablo early on in their relationships.
So that isn't unusual that when he meets Mama Renee
let's say, he might have slept with a handful of girlfriends.
It is just that on the show, he is sleeping with 4 girls at one time.
Well maybe only 2.
Pretty sure Mama Renee and Niki have kept it classy.
And maybe even Andi too.
Monday can't come soon enough!

Something I missed?
Loved hearing from you all!



Not the boy!
He has stolen my heart a million times over.
Just as my other two children did when they were young.
And they are lucky for it now!
If you know what I mean.

I took a Facebook quiz today...How Many Children Should You Have.

It said 3!
At least I have done right by Facebook.
I can rest now knowing I have made the right choice.
If only it were that easy.

But for today...it made me smile!

and for the record...I've been taking all those Facebook quizzes.
Just haven't been posting my results.

So far...
I'm Anna Bates, should live in Georgia.
Have 3 kids, was Whitney Houston's 80s song I Want to Dance with Somebody.
And I'm a Snapdragon. 

What State did you get?
Or flower?
Or 80's song?
C'mon...you know you've taken at least one of the quizzes!


HAPPY Saturday!

happy saturday!

this video makes me smile.
happy is also my daily mantra.
i have a faux rock by my front door that says...

makes me want to go make a random little video
and ask people to show me their 'happy' dance!


Valentine's Day Kissy Face Banner {my style}

Happy Valentine's Day my friends.

Here's how I made my Valentine's Kissy Face banner...my own way.
I wanted my whole family and Little Miss included!

I printed my pictures at Walgreens in black and white.
They are super fast. I can upload them from my phone.
Then just call to have them printed in black and white.
Ready in an hour.

Used this clipart for the red lips. 
I just printed the page on my computer screen 
and then made enough color copies
to cut each little red lip out.
I needed 13. My copier at home handled it just fine.

Then I cut out and glued the lips over each of our own lips.

And used glitter clothespins I had in my craft supplies, white crepe paper for the banner
and attached to the walls with none else but pink washi tape!
Start to finish about 30 minutes.
My kind of craft project.
Sweet + Simple.

Little Mister freaked out when he saw all our pics on the wall.
Then giggled about the lips.
And shrieked when he saw Little Miss!

{This project was inspired by Small Fry Blog's Smooch Banner.}



Dear Dave,

Remember that one Valentine's when we were early married and I was very specific about what my expectations were for Valentine's Day? My mom had taught me that in order to not set yourself up for disappointment during holidays you just needed to be specific with your husband and let him know exactly what you were expecting. Not necessarily specific as to gifts, just what you were expecting for that event. Well I did that on year 3 of our marriage. I said I wanted flowers, chocolate and lingerie. I mean it was the fairytale Valentine's gift. Not one or two of the dreamy items...but all three! We were on a tight budget so I said, one rose and very small box of chocolates would count and and a small piece of lingerie. Silly now that I think about it. Lingerie is usually small! It was a memorable Valentine's day for me feeling like your princess and I was able to tell all the other girls at the office the next day that I got flowers, chocolate and lingerie. Oh the jealousy!

Well this year, I'm doing the same thing. Forget the flowers, chocolates and lingerie. I just want GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! Thin Mints, Samoas and the Lemon cookie. You will make this girl very happy on Valentine's Day if you make sure those are in our house. They don't even need to be tied with a bow or have a card attached. Nope. Expectations much lower this year. As long as there are cookies I will be ecstatic. 

On a serious note, I feel so fortunate that you have been my Valentine for the past 20 years. There is no one else I would want by my side to go through this crazy emotional thing called life. You picked me 20 years ago and I am the luckiest girl I know.



WEARING {My Style}

This week is about sweatshirts.

I'm not a sweatshirt wearing girl usually but I'm seeing cute ones
pop up all over magazines paired with jeans, skirts and everything in between.

I found a cute one this weekend at J. Crew.

Sweatshirt || J Crew
Jeans || Vigoss Similar
Hunter Boots || Nordstrom

And Kaia came out of her bedroom this morning for school with a sweatshirt
paired with a cute skirt and boots!

Sweatshirt and Skirt || Target
Boots || Urban Outfitters

This cute sweatshirt trend has me sold on comfy.
Here are a few more cute ones from Gap.

And a black and white striped one I love from Boden.

Just please don't go pairing them with sweatpants!


Bachelor Re-Cap {Juan Pablo Episode 6}

Not sure what I think about the make-up date but we will chat about that later.
As a side note, she is claiming they didn't bump uglies....just had a romp in the ocean.
Whatever that means.
I'm pretty sure last week....she confirmed something special happened.
But for later.

Let's start with Andi.
Wow she is hot in that one-piece.
I mean covering up is sometimes sexier than showing it all!

They look like they are freezing making their way through those tight spaces.
I'd kind of freak out I think but the warm water reward is worth it.

I hate being cold and the thought of going from cold to warm water is pleasant.
Going back the other direction...not so pleasant.
But they didn't talk about that.
They made out the whole time.
In the water. 
Under the waterfall.
Legs wrapped around his waist.
Not sure how that is different than a 'romp' in the ocean.
Or the steamy hot tub scenes he keeps getting himself into!

Their geyser dinner was a complete fail 
and I kind of feel like their conversation falls a little short also.
But she gets a rose and I'm happy. I like Andi.
But I think he needs more talking and less tongue with Andi
to really figure things out with her.

Group date had great girls on it.
Clare is giddy that she is going to get to clear the air with Juan Pablo 
on her one-on-date later. Phew. They definitely need to talk.
The poor girl is seeing double standards all around her.
Especially if they really didn't do it.
But my guess is they did and Juan Pablo is feeling horrible
about not controlling his boundaries that night
and is taking it out on her a bit and making her feel at fault.
But back to the group date.

Rolling down the hills in those huge water filled OGOs looks FUUUUN!
I want in.
Nikki is so excited that she got to kiss Juan Pablo going down twice.
I see some immaturity here. Anyone else see it too?
And her dress or sequined short skirt and high boots?
I did not like at all.

Mama Renee got some good time with Juan Pablo.
I think they are holding back a bit on how much convo they show us.

Sharleen's kissing is still super awkward.
I tried the pull back with Dave the other night.
Shhh...don't tell him.
It wasn't sexy. Didn't work.
She needs to ditch that technique.
And I'm sorry but you are feeling questionable about him
and where you stand and all he can do is kiss you.
There can be all the chemistry in the world
but there should never be questions about if he is right for you.
Or gets you. Or you feel you are right for him.
She is there for the traveling. I'm sold.
'I'll give it one more week' she says so she can ride the pony as long as she can.
I'm not sure I like that he is WAY into her.
But he admits it is because she is different.
Juan Pablo....'different' on the Bachelor never works.
Past Bachelor/Bachelorettes have tried it.
Failed relationships.
There has to be some similarities and she isn't even that into KIDS.
The fact that she got the rose made me bummed again this week.
And who knows...she may just like all this drama attention and she might stick around
until the end. Which I'm not sure I will ever be completely sold on her.

And speaking of similarities poor Cassandra on her birthday getting the boot.
She handled it well. She is a gorgeous girl.
Wears a little too much make-up in my opinion.
But I think it might have come down to age for Juan Pablo.
She was just turning 22 and lacked the wisdom that I think he likes
in a few of the other girls. Glad he honored her motherhood and didn't string her along
just because it was her birthday.

OK Clare.
I really would love to see a picture of you before veneers and botox.
I want to see the real Clare.
I have to admit....their chat about the falling out over the romp in the ocean
went better than I expected. They definitely can communicate.
And we all know in relationships that communication is key.
I feel like he really blamed her for his feelings of guilt
over what he let happen in the ocean that night.

But honestly, he says he has never kissed or held a hand in front of his daughter.
And I bet, with that said, that she won't be watching the show.
So what's the difference between a romp in the ocean
and making out in the hot tub, or legs wrapped around you making out under a waterfall.
If Camilla isn't watching. It shouldn't matter.
But Clare announced that they crossed a boundary
and he felt he needed to do damage control.
Was probably mad at her for blabbing her mouth so made it out to be her fault.

Well now that boundaries are set.....kind of, let's see how many make-out sesh's he has
from here on out. I mean I think he kissed every girl this week that was left.
And not just little kisses but full on tongue.
hmmm....leaves me wondering.

Clare and him are undeniably attracted to each other, 
have good communication and have fun together.
Mama Renee and him got it going on too.
Nikki is a cutie and he LIKES Nikki.
Although she drives me nuts.
Sharleen is his favorite. He admitted that out loud last week.

That leaves Kat and Chelsie.
Both tried hard during their one on one time
to seal the deal of staying.
Chelsie one in the end, but honestly
she will be the next to go next week.
They just aren't as far along as the other girls.

I'm still rooting for Mama Renee and maybe even Clare at this point.
Who are you rooting for?


Hello Monday.


A beautiful thing happened over the weekend.
We've had meetings with birth parents. 
We know and love them well.
Shared plans on moving forward and how that will work.
{still can't share any specifics}
We can't save them from their own problems.
But we can LOVE them.

And birth dad said....'Love you too' back to me this weekend.
My heart was so warmed.
Every time I hug them, I tell them I love them.
Because I do.
Birth mom has always said it back,
but first time for birth dad.
Hoping for a beautiful relationship with them in our future.

*  *  *  *  * 

I asked. You spoke and I listened.

Funky Vintage Kitchen/Lovely has been put away on a shelf for good.
My new url/site is www.AprilKennedyStyle.com
But don't worry...everything forwards to the new site
so you shouldn't lose any links to the blog.
Unless you went in through my welcome page
That link still isn't working.

*  *  *  *  *


A few things on my agenda this week:
Drink 60 ounces of water each day. It's so good for the body.
Finish tax preparation for our accountant.
Stay on top of laundry by doing one load a day. 
Watch last night's episode of Downton Abbey while I fold laundry today!
Give Dave more of my attention in the evening.

*  *  *  *  *

What do you have planned for the week? 
Set one goal and share with me! 


THURSDAY LOVE....{my style}

 I purchased not one...but two new t-shirts yesterday.
Both from small handmade businesses.
Makes my heart happy to support friends making great items!

One t-shirt was for me by....

Fern & Fox Goods

Kaia stole my 'eff cancer' t-shirt I had previous purchased from Fern & Fox Goods.
So when I saw one of my favorite phrases....'No Bueno' and Cancer together I knew I had to have it!
Plus Fern & Fox Goods supports cancer research.
And yesterday was National Cancer Prevention Day.
It was a WIN WIN.


And the other t-shirt was for Little Mister!

I mean...how could I not?
This t-shirt is made by my friend at The Printed Palette
but she has a special going one one more day over at Brickyard Buffalo!

I kind of wish it was in Men's sizes too. How funny would that be?
Dave wearing THIS t-shirt!

Makes me laugh out loud! Think about it.....

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