Meet the Family!


{2012 with our two sweet foster babies}

{2013 still a family of 6}

SHE {april}: likes being a wife and mother, likes sharing her heart, likes social media, likes color, like decorating, likes shopping, likes laying on the beach, likes Dave A LOT, likes creating, likes sewing, likes thinking that God trusted her to be a special mother to a very special little boy and worthy of receiving the gift of an incredibly kind-hearted daughter of God to take care of, loves {other peoples} babies.

HE {dave}: likes surfing and all things beach related, likes skateboarding, likes dirt bikes, likes woodworking, likes punk rock music, likes hanging out with his wife and kids, likes camping, likes napping, likes date nights with april, likes date nights with kids, likes going to the movies, likes vacation, loves {other peoples} babies

HER {kaia}: likes singing, likes surfing, likes volleyball, likes performing, likes reading, likes Twilight, likes listening to all kinds of music, likes musicals, likes Monk, likes riding her bike, likes girlfriends, likes sleepovers, likes going toilet papering.

HIM {blake}: likes riding his bike, likes jumping off ramps, likes skateboarding, likes surfing, likes the beach, likes cousins coming over to play, likes remote control cars, likes playing video games, likes baseball, likes being an older brother.

LITTLE MISS: is a little spit fire who is sweet as can be and who has just recently moved to her forever home. we see her almost every week. she is with a special family who we love and have all made a commitment to one another to be forever apart of each others lives.

LITTLE MISTER: becoming a spit fire at 2 1/2 years old, waiting to officially become a Kennedy, loves skateboards, agua and playing outside. has brought so much laughter into our home.
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