To all my Bachelor loving peeps who have said they missed my re-caps. Here you go. (disclaimer…I talk about butt hair)!

Right off the bat I loved Britt, Becca (her sequined dress and booties out of the limo was to die for…loved she went short for her dress instead of long) Kaitlyn and Tracy. You might ask who Tracy was…she was eliminated last week and we didn't see or hear much from her, but I think she is one of the prettiest brunettes I have ever seen.

Ashley S. was a train wreck and the weirdest person I have ever seen on Bachelor and am convinced producers made Chris keep her on for her antics. And Kaitlyn getting on camera to certify that she was certifiably crazy was hilarious. Ellen DeGeneres, please bring Ashley S. on your show for an interview. I want to see that. Pretty Please!

Who has grown on me….Carly! Love her sense of humor and honesty. And speaking of honesty…let's talk about Jordan who was drunk from sunrise to sunset. Which also reminds me of Tara who had a rough start but I was really sad to see her go. Loved her green dress on the night she was sent home. But back to Jordan. I can't even believe that the producers put on live television her explaining Jillian's butt hair. It was like a train wreck. I didn't want to look but couldn't turn it off as I laughed so hard and felt so uncomfortable at the same time. The description of length had me gagging and I couldn't ever look at Jillian the same again and for a minute I think that wasn't fair to do to Jillian especially since they are always blacking out her butt when she wears a swimsuit. I have to wonder why. And when she walked to get a rose when really Chris called out Juelia not Jillian I died and then died a little more when she slipped and almost fell on the floor and I'll admit, I wondered….hmmm…wonder if maybe she slipped on her own butt hair hanging on the floor. OK…that was bad but honestly it is all I can think about when I see her now and I wonder how they will handle it on the Women Tell All….because I just can't see it being done tastefully for Jillian. The poor girl is already having to see in on tv without defending herself. Ok…moving on.

Who I can't stand….Jillian actually. She is abrasive and rude and arrogant and I'm glad she is gone (as of last night). Who else would I love to see gone….Ashley I. Get that virgin (with the mouth that isn't a virgin) who is the biggest tease ever off the show. The fact that she is more obsessed with fairytales and princesses than she is with Chris ohh…I just can't handle listening to her talk and her kardashian ways. So not farm girl material. I can't handle her makeup or eyelashes. With that said…I really don't like that Britt is always made up too. I'd like to see her more natural. Becca has got my votes on best natural looking makeup each week. Love her style, love her not kissing right away and love her humble approach to being a virgin also! Didn't like that Kaitlyn took her panties off last night in the muddy water. Yuck. Keep it classy kaitlyn. I'm rooting for you. Back to who I can't stand though….Whitney's voice drives me batty. Like nails on a chalkboard batty. Especially when she puckers her lips all pointy and then whines. Shoot me now! Mackenzie needs to leave also. She is so so immature. All the talking about Aliens and virgin talk and she just fails to impress me every time she opens her mouth. Kind of like Ashley I. And oh….they seem to be besties which doesn't surprise me.

Best question during one on one time goes to Kaitlyn trying to ask what Love Language Chris was. That was such a perfect question while dating and in the big picture of marriage. She deserved that rose that night. Britt broke rule number one at the rose ceremony….you don't ever spend your alone time talking about another girl. You sounded jealous and insecure and neither are winners on the Bachelor.

Loved Jimmy Kimmel on the show. Hilarious!! Also loved the sisters last night. I would have loved to see who they would have picked if they got to interview all the girls. But happy they picked Jade. I was rooting for Jade or Carly and could see both of them perfectly content on the farm in Iowa. It is going to take someone special who won't go crazy leaving a big town for small town farm life.

I have to say I was disappointed at the kisses Chris was giving out so freely the first two weeks of the show. I didn't expect him to be such a player. I get that he is looking for all levels of physical, emotional and mental connection, but he kissed every girl he could. Not impressed. And I'm pretty sure producers are keeping something from us…because in the previews it showed the camping trip going horribly wrong that night in the tent and girls crying and Kelsey disgusted by what she was hearing, yet when Ashley I. crawled into the tent…nothing really happened and everyone was asleep. Wondering when that poop is going to hit the fan. And speaking of Kelsey….I'm not sure how I feel about her. I was really rooting for her when they introduced her as a widow and I get that she thought the camping date was juvenile but I really do see a fakeness when she is with Chris versus around the girls and it rubs everyone the wrong way…always on Bachelor. You would think these girls would take note.

At this point….Becca, Carly, and Kaitlyn are my front runners for Chris. Jade is up there too, but I honestly think she is just a little too quiet for him although their date was amazing and I loved how Chris said he wasn't going to look past her anymore. That's right Chris…the ones you haven't kissed yet just might be 'wife material'….just saying!

So here's to this season and an amazing journey. Cheers!


  1. And she's back!!! Woo Hoo! Highlight of my day and so right on the money.

  2. No lie, I watch the episodes and wonder what you would say. I was so happy to see this In my feed! I haven't read all the way through though, because I haven't watched Monday's episode. So glad you're back!

  3. So glad you are doing these again! :) I don't always watch the seasons but I'm on board for this one and I do love Becca most. She's beautiful, real, sweet and seems like she's got her act together. Also like Kaitlyn and Carly...not a fan of Kelsey and although I do like Becca - I don't think she's a farmgirl...because of WHO this Bachelor is, I think Becca or Carly is the best bet for him.

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