This I Know….{My Life}


Attending church on Sundays fills me with a desire to live the commandments more fully.
To be more obedient. 

I loved this quote I heard today….
'Keeping commandments brings blessings every time!
Breaking commandments brings a loss of blessings every time!'

I want to be worthy of those blessings Heavenly Father has in store for me.
I want to do better. Be better. Serve more.
Study more. Pray more. 

I love that attending church can make that desire burn in my bosom. 
Reminds me of how I want my next week to go.
Reminds me of what is important. 
Reminds me that I am loved by Heavenly Father and that he wants to bless me.

I want to be worthy of those blessings.
I want to try harder this week.

I will start with making a commitment to spend time with my scriptures first thing in the morning.
Before I check my phone. 
Before I play a game of Words with Friends.
Before I answer emails.

I know if I start my day off right, blessings will follow.
So will hardships, 
Because that is life.
But the blessings will be sweet.
I'm sure of that.


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