Dear Dave.

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I love this version of the song. You will thank me!}
Dear Dave, 

My new favorite song reminds me a little of our start 20 years ago.
My parents weren't rude but they weren't completely thrilled that I was marrying the Kennedy boy.
I think they were more worried or being cautious that we were rushing into something so quickly the second time around. But we knew what we were doing. We were starting our family.
And it didn't take them long to fall in love with you and know you would take really good care of me.

And here we are 20 years later. This summer I love our idea of celebrating 20 years of us with 20 dates.  Starting it off with our Marriage Maintenance weekend to San Clemente was nice. The sunset on the beach as Date #1 (while we sat in our car because it was chilly) was perfect and funny. I love our weekends away, but really felt somewhat disappointed in this last getaway. I was so preoccupied with Blake and schooling and you were so preoccupied with just getting in the water to surf that I think we missed the connection we usually make on those weekends away. With that said, it was still nice to get away just the two of us. Get away from work, kids, house and just relax...and that we did. I love anytime I get to be with you. Just you. I also really like anytime we get to spend as a family with you! 

We go in phases where we really take time for each other each day and times where we are like ships passing in the night. You walk in and sit down and watch surf cams on the internet and I sit and play words with friends until we are both falling asleep...usually me on the couch and you in the chair. So this summer I want to make you a few promises...to help us connect more in the evenings, once we finally get all the kiddos in bed and asleep. Here they are:

1. Make room for you on the couch with me in the evenings.

2. Not play words with friends late into the night.

3. Sleep naked more often. Or at least crawl into bed naked more often. (It is amazing how just cuddling naked, even when exhausted can help in the intimacy department. If you feel you need to spruce up that area of your relationship, I dare you to try it!)

I saved number 3 for last because I knew if I made it number 1 you wouldn't read 2 and 3! 
I have been close to tears everyday since we came back from San Clemente. So much going on with your too busy work schedule, Blake's new school opportunities, Kaia hardly home anymore and waiting on Little Mister's journey. I know we need to make these few changes and I hope they will help us feel just a little more connected at the end of our all too long days.  

To end, we need to start thinking about what our Date #2 will be! 20 is a lot of dates during the summer. I'm game for anything. It doesn't have to be big, I just need to be with you.



  1. I thought Date #2 was Rita's Ice... ;)

    1. Oh you are so right. Thank goodness for you keeping us on track. We are on date #3. woohoo. And happy 20th to you guys. We laughed out loud with your Facebook note to your hubby.

  2. LOVE THIS. Laughed out loud at your reasoning for making #3 number three! Can't wait to read his response!! :)

  3. April, I love your honesty.

  4. Love the new blog design...looks great!!

  5. I love the new design of the blog!! annnnd I always love the Dear D+A posts! xoxo!


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