Dear Blog...

Dear Blog,

I really do have big plans for you. Just not enough time. I guess I could sleep less. I used to think sleep was over-rated, but now I love sleep. Oh how I love getting 7 hours each night. Little Mister is bound to wake me up a few of those nights still, but the thought of crawling into bed sounds so good at the end of the day. Does that make me old? Friday at 9:30 is my crash-time!

I have great pictures of bedroom make-overs to post. I have some yummy food recipes I have wanted to share and I have tons of things I want to share that are on my WANT list and I'm sure will be on yours also with regard to clothes style and home style. Specifically, these little tshirts I have been buying Little Mister. The one I just purchased today says....Say QUESO! Love it. Love him. He adds so much to our little family.

We are patiently waiting for Little Mister to hopefully become ours one day. We'd love for it to be official so I could share his name with his cute face in the same post! He is hispanic, so we will officially become part hispanic on his gotcha day too. At least that is how we see it! Hence, the Say QUESO t-shirt. We have been working on our spanish and hoping to teach him to be bilingual. That is so important to us. I'll share more why in a later post....when he is official!

Another 60 Day Challenge has started and that took up all my time the last two weeks getting teams registered and started. Words with Friends and this little blog was second fiddle. But good things are happening on that challenge and the emails I get from people who have had such positive changes in their life make it all worth it.

Dave and I have been working on finding balance again in our marriage. It seems when Little Miss left we were both starving for selfish time. We started keeping track again, not paying a lot of attention to each other and fighting over silly things. Thankfully we recognized it before it was too late and have been working hard on that happy marriage thing that some people might think comes so easily to us. Oh it doesn't....it takes so much work. And lots of giving, taking and forgiving. We could probably share a few Dear Dave + April posts here in future on what we did to fix it again!

Blake is growing before my eyes. Seriously...in inches! And he is so funny. He has a quick wit like his dad and cracks the funniest jokes. He keeps us all laughing which is good, because there are so many days that are still hard for him, with regards to going to school, that I would be crying if I wasn't laughing. I know which fights to pick and which ones to leave alone. Some people might think I'm crazy for being casual about some of those things, but until you have lived in our house with him, I only ask....please don't judge!!

I crawl into bed with Kaia a lot in the mornings to wake her up. I am reminded often that her time with us is short. She is a junior in high school and not home a lot. I guess it is the gently prepping of when she will be off to college and not living at home at all for awhile....and maybe even for forever. Oh that kills my heart. So I crawl into bed with her in the mornings. Sometimes I fall back asleep with her cuddling her like a little girl but sometimes we lay in bed and talk for a good 30 minutes or so...which makes her run a bit late, but I think it is worth it. Many heart to hearts have taken place on/in her bed and I wouldn't trade those conversations for anything. Not even an extra hour of sleep at 5:00 am...which is usually when I am crawling into her bed to wake her to start her school morning. That is the only time I will consider sleep-overrated...when I'm chatting with my girl in her bed. She has a beautiful soul that many see a glimpse of but those early morning chats have let me into so much more. She is a very special girl who touches many people in just a few minutes of speaking with her. Imagine why I cherish those 30 minutes. I learn a lot from Kaia and I hope she knows from our chats just how much I really truly love her.

Well the family just walked in from Blake's baseball practice pick up and I had planned on clearing the dishes while they were gone. They are still waiting there for me...the dishes. As well as the clothes in the dryer that I have tossed probably 5 times and the clothes in the washer that have now been washed 3 times. Good times. Good times. Keep them coming though because this family life is exactly what makes my heart so so happy! And, Dave just announced to the family that we were all going to bed early tonight. Hallelujah!



  1. I think that it is awesome you are working on your Spanish and hoping to make little mister bilingual. I am a native speaker and I also am trying to teach my son to be bilingual as well. I say both the English phrase and repeat it in Spanish so he understands the meaning also to help teach my husband at the same time.

  2. I have so many thoughts! I'm praying for Mister. I'm sure your family is right where God wants him. You guys want to help him be bilingual!?! That is amazing. So selfless.
    The Dear Dave + April posts are some of my favorites. Marriage is hard and as soon as you hit your stride another bump comes a long. It never feels worth it to work through the bumps but we know it is because the last time we worked through one it really was worth it.
    Please share more about Kaia's photo shoots this past weekend. Oh my word they were beautiful. It sounds like Kaia's heart is just as pretty. I love that.

    Okay this is long so I'll stop, but this post is exactly why I love your space on the internet. It's real, it's good, it's encouraging.

  3. It is crazy how fast these kids grow. Its so much fun, but I just wish time would slow down sometimes.
    I agree...marriage is darn hard. It takes so much work. Its worth it, but it isn't easy!!! And I am with ya on sleep, sista. I have come to love it in my ripe old age ;)

  4. I think you caught us up quite well my friend. You are one busy girl these days - and that's fantastic and that you are focusing on the things that are most important. I love what you wrote about your sweet Kaia - and the love for Black and your little Mister. You share so much - and remained focused on you and your marriage. Such an inspiration my friend so no worries, no matter how much or little you blog...I will keep reading because you have a lot of great things to say! :) Now get some rest girlie!


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