Today I Was Just April....

Today I was greeted as April.
Just April.
Not Mommy.
Not Mommy April.

'Hi April!' she said with a grin as I walked in the door at daycare.
'April, come see!' 

She knew this was a new name for her to call me.
It sounded like she was testing it out.
Claiming stake on her new family. 
Claiming her new mommy and saving that name especially for her.
Using my first name alone for the first time.

'April, come over here.' 'April, sit down.'
I obliged.
Happily responding to just April.

It didn't make me sad.
It made me smile.
She is figuring it out.
She is a very smart girl.
Of course, I'm sure there will still be some days where she reverts
but everyday is a day closer to her forgetting some of her past
and building her beautiful future.

While she will always be a part of my heart, 
our family's heart,
I don't want to lay claim on her.
I don't want her to have to acknowledge us and her past.
It is an honor to be able to continue in her life as just April and Dave.
To watch her grow. To be happy.
To be loved and bonded. 

And she will always know we love her.
Just as we love all of Little Mister's bio siblings.
And one day when she is older, I hope to be able to share with her
how special the 2 years were while she was in our home.
But not until she is an adult or wants to hear or know about that part of her life.

Until then I just want her to move forward.
Because I love her so.

And because Little Mister follows Little Miss' suit.....
we just need to figure out how to get Little Mister
to call us Mommy and Daddy again!


  1. Aw. Every time I read one of your posts about the little kids I'm reminded of what an amazing thing you and Dave (and the big kids) have done and continue to do. It's so great to hear that she seems to be adjusting very well with her new family.

  2. Ahhhhhh sniff!! You are good people. <3

  3. Your a very talented writer! Love reading your blog, it's very inspiring!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Ps. Would love to read your thoughts at the bachelor finale & final rose!


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