Trampoline Fun! {my life}

I'm kind of crazy.
Always have been. Always will be.

Yes I was a cheerleader, dancer and gymnast growing up!
While I can't do a back handspring anymore....
gave that up 10 years ago,
I still can do a toe touch.

On a trampoline of course.
And a herkie!
But I was too afraid to try a flip.

Happy Monday.

I really was just hoping I could do a toe touch without splitting my pants.

I kind of got excited on the first one and then went crazy in the middle!

And Dave really does love me even though he said I was going to break the trampoline.
We kid around like that.
Or I just ignore him!



  1. i bet you totally could do a handspring. or a front tuck.

  2. I think my favorite part is, "Try to do a handspring, I mean YOLO!" What kid says that to their mom?!?! You look like a teenager - in a good way.


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