THURSDAY LOVE....{my style}

 I purchased not one...but two new t-shirts yesterday.
Both from small handmade businesses.
Makes my heart happy to support friends making great items!

One t-shirt was for me by....

Fern & Fox Goods

Kaia stole my 'eff cancer' t-shirt I had previous purchased from Fern & Fox Goods.
So when I saw one of my favorite phrases....'No Bueno' and Cancer together I knew I had to have it!
Plus Fern & Fox Goods supports cancer research.
And yesterday was National Cancer Prevention Day.
It was a WIN WIN.


And the other t-shirt was for Little Mister!

I mean...how could I not?
This t-shirt is made by my friend at The Printed Palette
but she has a special going one one more day over at Brickyard Buffalo!

I kind of wish it was in Men's sizes too. How funny would that be?
Dave wearing THIS t-shirt!

Makes me laugh out loud! Think about it.....

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