Not the boy!
He has stolen my heart a million times over.
Just as my other two children did when they were young.
And they are lucky for it now!
If you know what I mean.

I took a Facebook quiz today...How Many Children Should You Have.

It said 3!
At least I have done right by Facebook.
I can rest now knowing I have made the right choice.
If only it were that easy.

But for today...it made me smile!

and for the record...I've been taking all those Facebook quizzes.
Just haven't been posting my results.

So far...
I'm Anna Bates, should live in Georgia.
Have 3 kids, was Whitney Houston's 80s song I Want to Dance with Somebody.
And I'm a Snapdragon. 

What State did you get?
Or flower?
Or 80's song?
C'mon...you know you've taken at least one of the quizzes!


  1. I got Virginia, and now I think I need to take more quizzes!!

  2. Initially I got Vermont , got frustrated and took it again only to get Arkansas. Nothing against either of those two states, but I really wanted NY where I am from. Silly but true. Maybe I will take it again.

  3. I got Washington for my state... but I think that is the only quiz I've taken lately. PS he is DARLING!

  4. Oregon (CA FOREVER) and Three Kids (RIGHT ON!)

  5. I got Virginia! From Ohio so that sounds good. Now I'm off to find the "how many kids should I have" quiz. I have 2 but am curious to see what my results are ha :) Cute little guy you have...such a sweetheart!

  6. cheese, astronaut, and portland

  7. I got Georgia too. I think it's the only Southern state the have as an option.
    Haven't done the others.


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