Bachelor Re-Cap {Juan Pablo Two Night Event}

It's OK.

Oh boy. So I was so off on the whole what happened in the fantasy suite.
Personally I think my scenario would have made for better television.
But whatever.

I have to admit that during the hometown dates I was so annoyed
with Juan Pablo. His lack of communication and appropriate questions asked
drove me nuts. I started seeing him as a pretty shallow guy.
Wanted to blame the language barrier but just couldn't.
His hmmmm and aye aye aye bugged me.

I was so bummed.

Where does Clare come from?
She didn't resemble ANYONE in her family.
Her sister was luny and made for good TV although I was ready to slap her.
She gives Clare a run for her money.

I loved when Clare's mom finally go to talk and actually spoke Spanish to JP.
I don't have much to say about Clare except....
the only thing I like about Clare is her necklace she wears everyday.
I want a little gold necklace that I don't take off.

Her fake smile, her fake teeth, her fake forehead, her fake voice
her fake run when she sees him, her fake innocence in the ocean,
her fake concern over Camilla and the overnighter.

I'm starting to think she might be perfect for JP.
The first thing he loved about each girl when the parents asked was...
how pretty they were.
Then he went into a few qualities...but not much.

Andi's hometown was good.
Her dad had a lot of great points although seemed a tad harsh.
Every time JP says that Camilla is his EVERYTHING
I want to slap him because the girl he picks should be his everything.

I'm pretty sure whichever girl he picks will never be able to out-do Camilla in his book
and that is wrong. And Andi's Dad tried to tell him that in words
that the language barrier didn't help him understand.

Your wife comes first. Then your daughter, Juan Pablo.
They can both be your everything.
But this girl you want to marry should make you crazy in a good way!

Like Renee.
Perfect example of how it should of went.
Loved her hometown date.
LOVE her.

Want her or Andi as the next Bachelorette. Just saying.
Her son is darling and he is a really good baseball player.
Juan Pablo is missing out big time.
But then again, I'm not sure he wants to share Camilla that much right now.
And I was a little concerned that Renee never mentioned Camilla
whenever she would say I can see myself with JP. Him fitting into my life.
That seemed a tad strange to me.

Niki. Oh Niki. 
Your outfit was questionable on your overnighter daytime date.
Kind of forgot about your hometown date. 
Really can't remember anything about it.
You and Clare are equal in my book.
I really won't care who he ends up with.
Both of you would work in that world.
Although I think I like you a little bit more than Clare.
At least your forehead wrinkles!
And you are a peds nurse which holds a special place in my heart.

I think you are probably a really sweet girl and editing might not be fair to you
this season. But we will never know. You do have a smoking hot body.
Makes me want to work out just a little harder. Maybe. 
Although I'm not in my 20's anymore and really
I'm happy with my body right now.
But I digress.
I'm glad you had pants on horse back riding because no one would
want to see you in a skirt or thong.
Except JP. He got very excited about that idea.
Just proves that comment you made tells me
you are just a little Blah.

I was a little taken a back at how upset Andi was over the ordeal
in the fantasy suite. She could of just woke up and said he's not for me.
But she was fired up. Like was at her breaking point
and good for her for confronting him about his selfishness.
I went back and forth taking sides. I admit.
Surprised a bit.

I think he just doesn't think to ask about personal things.
Maybe they don't matter to him to know those things if he really likes a girl.
He REALLY stresses the chemistry and to his defense
he does seem really laid back and easy going about disagreements 
and misunderstanding. That is kind of a bonus if a guy is just like...
ehhh....you unhappy...it's ok. i'll make you happy.

But it also comes off as he doesn't care and I get Andi's side.
BUT for him to say you barely made it.
WRONG. Unacceptable.
That right there is what the fight should have been about.
He doesn't have a filter and maybe we could blame half on the language barrier.

I'm feeling like I'm missing a few key pieces. 
Fill me in on any moments you loved or hated.

I'm glad Andi and Renee went home.
I don't want to say they are too good for him,
but they need more from a man in the long run I believe.

Clare and Niki are perfect for him all the way around.
But with both of them crying and devastated in the previews
makes me wonder if he picks no one.

I love to hear them.


  1. I agree with you on all of it. I will admit that I am a new follower of the bachelor. I must also admit that I'm not a fan of JP. He is shallow and a playboy. I don't think he has any business looking for a wife -- I think he was more interested in getting 'it' in the fantasy suites. Seriously. He wasn't there for talking. I hope he ends up with fake Clare. Although I don't think their relationship will last. JP will be a bachelor for a real long time....

  2. I think there were former women from this show all over the country cheering when Andi confronted JP. I've watched every season and I'm not proud to say that but that was one of the first real conversations I've ever seen on the show. I know it's edited to death but that was legit.
    JP seems incredibly self-centered but so does Clare (editing?).
    I really hope he doesn't end up with anyone. Not because I wish him bad things, but he just doesn't seem in a place to want or fit a wife in to his life.
    I want Andi to be the next Bachelorette. I hope Renee finds some nice guy at home.

    Oh, Niki's outfit. My word!?!??! The pants were cute but the top was a bra. Oy.


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