Bachelor Re-Cap {Juan Pablo Episode 7...maybe?}

{super cute kimono top}

Oh Juan Pablo. 
All the kissing and no talking is starting to get on my nerves.

Good for Sharleen for realizing that the sparks
will eventually settle down and they will have NOTHING to talk about.

Don't get me wrong. I still LOVE the guy.
It is just that the language barrier I think hurts in the broad spectrum
of available topics to talk about.
So he just kisses them.

But there was no denying Sharleen and JP had chemistry.

Niki gets the lucky card with the date and meet the family.
I'm pretty sure she was second guessing her outfit that day.
But in her defense...she is in Miami and wasn't told what they would be doing.
I think her pockets were longer than her shorts.
But her short floral print kimono....darling!

Now let's chat about her evening outfit.
It screams...need boob TAPE.
And is definitely not appropriate for the date again.
Wish they would fill her in on what they are doing.
Definitely not appropriate to throw a baseball in.
And the half lay down on the blanket...again thank goodness for the TAPE.
Although Juan Pablo seriously had a hard time keeping his eyes
focused above her neck.
Anyone else see that?

He really doesn't like these girls crying.
To be honest, when Sharleen went to talk to him
I wasn't even sure he understood what she was saying.
The goodbye looked to easy as she walked away.
I like that he appreciated and respected her honesty,
but he sure didn't express feelings of disappoint or make her
feel like he would fight for her.
I kind of respect him for not making her feel guilty or even worse
than she already did.
And then part of me wonders if he even understood what
she was telling him.
I think the producers might have had to fill him in on what was happening!

And before Sharleen went to him, I never saw Niki return home from her date.
I kind of got nervous.

He is so excited for serious one on one time on the beach
for his group date.
Umm...that will only happen if you keep your tongue in your mouth
Juan Pablo.

I think Andi playing the nervous card won her the rose.
I know he cares about most of the girls left a lot.
The only one that is a no brainer and will be going home is Chelsie.
Poor thing. Loved her mom's note and her dad's note!

Oh Clare your jealous side is so NOT attractive. 
Potty Mouth when you don't get your way.
Don't let your teeth get in the way of those filthy words.
You are just nervous that he won't remember his romp in the ocean with you
while he is romping in the ocean with all the other girls.
I mean that is what is happening with all of them if 'romping' only means
a make out sesh in the water.

Clare is as much as a brat as Niki.
I'm honestly not sure I like one more than the other
with regard to their behavior.
And I'm a little confused.
It's almost like the girls have no idea that Niki met Camilla
and his entire family. 
If he asked her to keep that quiet from the girls than she is far
more mature than Clare is giving her credit for.
I mean Clare would have rubbed that in the girls' faces
and toasted to it at the cocktail party!
The funny thing is both girls think they have one up on the other.
One had sex. I mean a romp in the ocean.
And the other met his whole family and daughter. 
Unfortunately Juan Pablo acts pretty casually about both situations!

And I'm a little surprised that Mama Renee is on Clare's side.
I know Niki can be a brat but she is no better
than fakey Clare.

Their argument was so childish and ridiculous.
Didn't even make for good tv.

Now next week...that looks like some good TV.
Here is what I think happens...
Juan Pablo has a hard time keeping his pants on during his overnighters.
At least with Andi. 
Andi isn't OK in the morning and speaks up.
Clare finds out she isn't the only one he has slept with
and the other two girls just feel betrayed.
And they all end up crying.
Because of Juan Pablo and his pants.
Oh...he doesn't like when they cry because of him.

My take on the whole who sleeps with who...
Those problems don't exist if you just keep your clothes on.
But in the real world most of them would probably sleep with
Juan Pablo early on in their relationships.
So that isn't unusual that when he meets Mama Renee
let's say, he might have slept with a handful of girlfriends.
It is just that on the show, he is sleeping with 4 girls at one time.
Well maybe only 2.
Pretty sure Mama Renee and Niki have kept it classy.
And maybe even Andi too.
Monday can't come soon enough!

Something I missed?
Loved hearing from you all!


  1. I really don't like the way he always says "look at me" when they are upset. Over and over. It makes me crazy. I am so curious what will happen this week. This dumb show is like a car wreck, I just can't look away!

  2. He is treating these women like young girls instead of an equal mate. Drives me crazy!!

  3. This season is so weird. I think he's gonna end up with no one. :P I really liked Renee.

  4. Can't wait for your recap this week....I was cheering for Andi during their final talk!


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