Bachelor Re-Cap {Juan Pablo Episode 6}

Not sure what I think about the make-up date but we will chat about that later.
As a side note, she is claiming they didn't bump uglies....just had a romp in the ocean.
Whatever that means.
I'm pretty sure last week....she confirmed something special happened.
But for later.

Let's start with Andi.
Wow she is hot in that one-piece.
I mean covering up is sometimes sexier than showing it all!

They look like they are freezing making their way through those tight spaces.
I'd kind of freak out I think but the warm water reward is worth it.

I hate being cold and the thought of going from cold to warm water is pleasant.
Going back the other direction...not so pleasant.
But they didn't talk about that.
They made out the whole time.
In the water. 
Under the waterfall.
Legs wrapped around his waist.
Not sure how that is different than a 'romp' in the ocean.
Or the steamy hot tub scenes he keeps getting himself into!

Their geyser dinner was a complete fail 
and I kind of feel like their conversation falls a little short also.
But she gets a rose and I'm happy. I like Andi.
But I think he needs more talking and less tongue with Andi
to really figure things out with her.

Group date had great girls on it.
Clare is giddy that she is going to get to clear the air with Juan Pablo 
on her one-on-date later. Phew. They definitely need to talk.
The poor girl is seeing double standards all around her.
Especially if they really didn't do it.
But my guess is they did and Juan Pablo is feeling horrible
about not controlling his boundaries that night
and is taking it out on her a bit and making her feel at fault.
But back to the group date.

Rolling down the hills in those huge water filled OGOs looks FUUUUN!
I want in.
Nikki is so excited that she got to kiss Juan Pablo going down twice.
I see some immaturity here. Anyone else see it too?
And her dress or sequined short skirt and high boots?
I did not like at all.

Mama Renee got some good time with Juan Pablo.
I think they are holding back a bit on how much convo they show us.

Sharleen's kissing is still super awkward.
I tried the pull back with Dave the other night.
Shhh...don't tell him.
It wasn't sexy. Didn't work.
She needs to ditch that technique.
And I'm sorry but you are feeling questionable about him
and where you stand and all he can do is kiss you.
There can be all the chemistry in the world
but there should never be questions about if he is right for you.
Or gets you. Or you feel you are right for him.
She is there for the traveling. I'm sold.
'I'll give it one more week' she says so she can ride the pony as long as she can.
I'm not sure I like that he is WAY into her.
But he admits it is because she is different.
Juan Pablo....'different' on the Bachelor never works.
Past Bachelor/Bachelorettes have tried it.
Failed relationships.
There has to be some similarities and she isn't even that into KIDS.
The fact that she got the rose made me bummed again this week.
And who knows...she may just like all this drama attention and she might stick around
until the end. Which I'm not sure I will ever be completely sold on her.

And speaking of similarities poor Cassandra on her birthday getting the boot.
She handled it well. She is a gorgeous girl.
Wears a little too much make-up in my opinion.
But I think it might have come down to age for Juan Pablo.
She was just turning 22 and lacked the wisdom that I think he likes
in a few of the other girls. Glad he honored her motherhood and didn't string her along
just because it was her birthday.

OK Clare.
I really would love to see a picture of you before veneers and botox.
I want to see the real Clare.
I have to admit....their chat about the falling out over the romp in the ocean
went better than I expected. They definitely can communicate.
And we all know in relationships that communication is key.
I feel like he really blamed her for his feelings of guilt
over what he let happen in the ocean that night.

But honestly, he says he has never kissed or held a hand in front of his daughter.
And I bet, with that said, that she won't be watching the show.
So what's the difference between a romp in the ocean
and making out in the hot tub, or legs wrapped around you making out under a waterfall.
If Camilla isn't watching. It shouldn't matter.
But Clare announced that they crossed a boundary
and he felt he needed to do damage control.
Was probably mad at her for blabbing her mouth so made it out to be her fault.

Well now that boundaries are set.....kind of, let's see how many make-out sesh's he has
from here on out. I mean I think he kissed every girl this week that was left.
And not just little kisses but full on tongue.
hmmm....leaves me wondering.

Clare and him are undeniably attracted to each other, 
have good communication and have fun together.
Mama Renee and him got it going on too.
Nikki is a cutie and he LIKES Nikki.
Although she drives me nuts.
Sharleen is his favorite. He admitted that out loud last week.

That leaves Kat and Chelsie.
Both tried hard during their one on one time
to seal the deal of staying.
Chelsie one in the end, but honestly
she will be the next to go next week.
They just aren't as far along as the other girls.

I'm still rooting for Mama Renee and maybe even Clare at this point.
Who are you rooting for?


  1. I think despite the warm ocean incident, Clare is the one who is right for him. I love Andi and hoping she's the next Bachelorette!

  2. Clare is just waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too affected in her approach to communication for my taste. She might be the right choice for him, and I'm resigned to that possible reality...but she's just not "it" for me. Thank goodness I'm not him.

    Honestly I LIKE Andi but she's a little too "regular girl emotion" for my taste. I had higher hopes for her, given her brainy intellectual profession.

    I wish I could root for Nikki just because she's from my city, but...eh. She doesn't do it for me either. Of course I'm typing all of this after watching yesterday's (2/24) episode. Ha!


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