Bachelor Re-Cap {Juan Pablo Episode 5}

This one is going to be short and sweet!
I watched without writing down all my thoughts
but here is what stuck with me.

Mama Renee finally got a one on one date!
And she looked hot in that custom dress.
Who would have thought?

I feel like their conversations are lacking substance.
Even how she answered about her son's father was short and sweet.
Could have asked about Camilla's mother, respect for parent, etc?
But convo ended there.

Maybe editing is taking place so we don't see the real connection.
I don't know but I'm always a little bummed at the end.

And when he finally kissed her....yippee!
I loved her happy dance and I think Juan Pablo would love that side of her too.
If I was her and he asked how would Ben feel....
I would have said...'Ben's wondering why you haven't kissed his mom yet!'
Their date was sweet and very casual and comfortable.
I liked that!

Group Date.....
Poor Andi. She just wants him.
I don't blame her for feeling jealous of Clare's grip on Juan Pablo.
But I liked how she sat down with him for comfort
and he told her...you have nothing to worry about.
That works for me! 
And it worked for her.

It is obvious who he has made good connections with and who 
are still just a little too casual this late in the game.
The three who went home were no surprise.

Sharleen got a little better editing this week.
They actually showed her smiling and chatting it up with the other girls.
Although her awkward pull back right when Juan Pablo goes in for the kiss....
bugs me bigtime! She might rethink that when she watches it on TV.

Nikki the Nurse's date went well.
It seems like she has settled down a bit and is back to herself.
Except these girls freaking out over having to do some amazing adventure 
is getting old. Get over it and enjoy it ladies!
Convo went well and I loved her honesty about being a step mom.

The most awkward cocktail party ever.
Because of the huge elephant in the room....
which only those of us watching at home new about....
Because Clare blabbed it to the whole world.
Not cool. Way not cool.

What happened in the ocean should have stayed in the ocean girlfriend.
I'm sure Juan Pablo figured no one really had to know what
really happened out there while you were making out in the ocean.
Heck if you wouldn't have told all of us....
you would have left us guessing and not blabbed about it
so poor Camilla now knows what happened.

I'm guessing that is what probably bummed out Juan Pablo the most.
You bet you should feel horrible Clare.
Your intention that night was to just be with him....
but telling the cameras about it was so out of line.
It almost proved that maybe your intention was to just get him.
So you had one up on all the other girls. 
And instead of keeping it special in your back pocket
you went and blabbed about it.
Too bad your teeth weren't bigger and kept you from blabbing.

I'm pretty irritated over it.
But then...we all would have wondered what really happened
out there in the ocean.
And we all wonder who and how many the bachelors might
actually sleep with on the overnight dates.
But no guessing here. Thanks for keeping us all informed.

And during Nikki's date...he mentions he was up late...
and she said...excited about OUR date?
Oh poor Nikki.

These girls are not going to be happy at the Girls Tell All Night.
That episode can't come soon enough for me.

So tell me...anything else I missed or am forgetting?!


  1. I adore your bachelor recaps! I just knew Daniella was going home since they never showed them even talking! Sharleene can go home any day now. She is just too serious. He needs someone fun!

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