Bachelor Re-Cap {Juan Pablo Episode 4}

Week 4 and they are already flying the coop.
Ok...I've been to South Korea...twice.
While it was exciting to see another part of the world, 
I don't believe it is one most peoples must go to most romantic place ever.
These girls are jumping around like they are heading to FIJI
and staying in one of the huts over the water!

I did love their little bathroom dance though.

And you wear a Hanbo in Korea...not a Kimono!
I brought one home for Kaia when she was 2 years old.

Yes Korea is modern. they are way ahead of us with regard to style.
I did love being there and seeing what was to come in the next few years.

Looks like Nikki might be the new girl the other girls are going to hate.
I seriously didn't see that coming.

Kat's freestyle was hurting a bit.
But she is rocking the choreography!

Ok...What is happening with Nikki.
It is like she has two personalities.

Nikki...we get it. You can't dance.
You didnt even look that bad on stage.

Well she just got a new nickname...
Negative Nikki.

Oh Elise you are digging your grave by talking about
the other girls. Stop right where you are.

And the tension when poor Kat came back to the group was awkward.
Changed the whole vibe of the evening. 
I did like their one on one time though.

Juan Pablo...asks the best questions.
'What do you think about Camilla?'

And Nikki gets the rose again and I believe their first kiss.

I'm just guessing right now that Sharleen's secret...
the deal breaker...the kids talk...is.....
'I used to be a man.'
My name was Charlie.

Oh she is his favorite one right now.
I'm trying to be open because of my friend Jessica's comment
earlier this week!

Awww...those are the exact dresses I brought home for Kaia.
In red!

Chelsie just spilled the beans on Sharleen's convos with her.
She is bored by him. Get out girl.
OK...she is too pretty to have been a guy.
So her secret has got to be about kids.
And she is really pretty when she smiles,
but then she makes some really ugly faces.
She has a beautiful voice.
And that kiss was definitely not awkward this go around.
Oh his passion for her....
at least she admits now that she likes him.

Well Renee is speaking some truth about the mommy thing.
What is she holding on to.
Sharleen didn't really answer the question.
So does she want kids or doesn't want kids?

And there goes Kelly running her mouth. 
'you've swallowed bigger things than that!'
Bachelor...please do a snippet on all her quotes.

I just don't know what is happening during Renee's one on one time.
It always feels like it falls flat and they don't have anything else to talk about except the kids.

Andi's one on one was so perfect. 
Poor Lauren. He didn't really explain well that he set a goal to not
kiss anyone on this date. Better explanation wouldn't have hurt so bad.
I kept yelling into the TV....he didn't translate well his goal.
But she didn't hear me. 

And Clare....she is possessive. 
And he likes her teeth?
And he kissed her.

But did you see her face when Andi got the rose?!
Yay for Andi. I like them together. 
Sharleen's interview was just in a black top but her dress is not black.

Look at Sharleen making friends with the girls.
I like that. 

So Kelly just covered that up and then threw her under the bus.
Well somehow Nikki and Clare avoided a cat fight. I'm not sure how.

I don't think I like either of them right now.
I'm rooting for Andi and still holding out for Renee.
And dare I say Sharleen is growing on me.
But I still think she might be a little too formal for Juan Pablo.
Poor Lauren just looks like a lost puppy dog.

Yay Renee gets a rose!! She has been a first rose a few times now.
I'm thinking Elise might go home. 
We shall see.
I don't like Lauren's hairstyle. Someone needs to help her with style
Who is Alison? Seriously.
Oh...he made Clare wait it out a bit. I like that.
I knew Kat was coming. 

I called Elise. Poor girl. These two will be criers.
Heck they all are at the dismissal.
Well Elise handled that gracefully.
Where are her tears?
Good for her!
I'm not sure about that dress.
Tuck your boobs in babe.
And there are the tears.

Lauren is actually a doll.
Kind of like the girl next door.

Bring on hot, gorgeous and exotic!
Oh it looks pretty.
And dramatic!
Can't wait.

The Korean lip syncing and dancing was hilarious.
Dave even said...'now that's funny!'

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