Bachelor Re-Cap {Juan Pablo Episode 2}

A week is too long. the wait...uuuh.
Juan Pablo...double uuuh.
in a good way.

and just so you know I started following Andi Dorfman on IG.

wait just getting started. did i miss something?
someone already got the first date card?
when did I miss that?
I'm confused.

Clare is cute...but someting is definitely up with her teeth.
A friend suggested veneers. She acts like she has to move her lips over her teeth.

I love Juan Pablo's ease in talking. Oh and the piggy back. So cute.
He is a doll. Yes? Si.
They are darling sledding.
Her on his lap. 
They are so easy together.

Umm...who is topless?
Lucy. Knew flower pants would be nakie first.

I'm not sure I could carry on a conversation with her with her tatas hanging out.

One thought about the hide n seek and snowball fight.....
cute but I almost feel like he is the dad and she is the daughter.

Oh and before I forget...Andi, the lawyer watched the first episode 
of the bachelor with the dog lover and her dog...Molly?
Makes me think they have become besties and both don't go to the end.
But I don't like spoilers and I don't read spoilers so please don't tell me anymore.

They packed everything into that winter wonderland date except dinner!
And the concert too.
Well there you have it. A whole season of dates in the first one!
And I have to say...their first kiss was hot. And romantic.

Kat is darling too.
Oh she was the salsa dancer getting out of the limo. Which I thought was cute.
She is a natural beauty.
Ok. Reality Kat.
Juan Pablo would not be able to pull off a private jet in real life!

While I think the run will be really fun....
I'm afraid she might be a tad disappointed it isn't more romantic!
She is a cute dancer. Super cute dancer.
Way fun date!
And they have cute chemistry too.
New favorite...Kat!

Photoshoot or eating cheese...I'm good at both!
kind of cheesy Kelly if I do say so myself.
I have a feeling he is looking at all of them and thinking...
I have no idea what your names are!

Afro girl is cute. And Kelly actually really looks gorgeous bald.
I feel for Andi and Elise.
So not fair.
But I saw the finished product on Andi's instagram and it is hot.
They were bikini bottoms.
I still wouldn't do it though...just saing.
I only get nakie in front of my hubby.
well and my sister. cuz we are sisters.
and change in front of each other. 

Oh kelly's got a potty mouth.

Renee with his 'hmmm....'
loved it. 

Those signs do not cover enough. 
No way.
Not worth a dog.
I'm sorry.
I'm glad you are proud but you were just nakie in front of everyone.

The IG picture was way better. 
She is andi_dorfman

Oh kind of bummed Renee's one on one time fell a little flat up on that roof.

Oh Victoria...one glass of champagne?
And slurring. And straddling.
And you are not a dog. And not a child.
Kelly, the dog lover is a little whack.
And the sweet blonde trying to warn her....kind. And cute.
Oh that was Nikki!
And he likes Nikki.
He wants to get to knooooow Nikki. 

Victoria is on the crazy train doing the 'hilick' manuever. 
I don't like Kelly. For the record.
Victoria didn't even talk to him and is breaking down.
And mama is sweet to climb under the stall...but gross. 
And speaking of Mama....she is natrually pretty too.
This is a pretty group of girls.

Even the way Juan Pablo says Victoria....is sexy.
Dave just said...'drunk chick...table for one.'
She is on her way out. 
This is way too early.

Wow...potty mouth, gorgeous bald dog loving girl surprised me
with getting the rose. I thought he'd give it to Andi for getting nakie.
Just goes to show you...getting Nakie for a guy doesn't always get you farther.
Or closer. However you want to say it.
Young girls...take note.

I so hope he takes the mature road with Victoria...yay. He is.
Her apology sucked. You can't laugh through an apology
and expect it to be taken serious or maturely.
Yes...Juan Pablo, you need to be with someone
who can handle themselves. 
You are 32. 10 years my younger.
I'm OK with that. Oh wait...I'm married.
It is just the way you wrap your arms around the girl.
I need to show Dave that move.
Scoop me up and hold be babe. 
Be my Juan Pablo. 
And talk spanish to me!
After we purchase Rosetta Stone.
Until then...just fake an accent please.

So sweet of him to make sure to get some one on one time
with the girls who didn't get a date card right off the bat.
I'm not sure any other Bachelor has done that.

Amy...kind of cheesy! And you are funny.
Asking about yourself in your interview.
It fell flat.

And there is Sharleen again. In another stunning dress.
And yes...you were rude.
I'm not sure he had picked up on it though.
Juan Pablo looks a little confused with her apology.

And I feel like Cassandra might be using the son card right now.
And there is Mama being momma again.
Comforting the crying girl.
I like when Juan Pablo whispers.
And he likes and respects the mommas.
Ok. I trust Cassandra. I think she is torn.
I'll buy it this time. He did.

Time for the rose ceremony.
I'm not sure who a few of these girls are that they keep zooming in on.
One I think straightened her very curly hair.
Oh...Danielle. And she got a rose.
Who is going home?
Topless flowerplants is staying around.
Who is the blonde in the little black pleather dress?
The backside of Chelsie's dress looked cheap
and has a weird butt or the dress did nothing for it.

And the final three are standing next to each other.
And the little pleather dress for the win.
Or at least the last rose.

And after watching the previews...
Sharleen is the girl we will all love to hate.
Can't. Stand. Her. 
Why do you do this to us, Bachelor?

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  1. As I texted with friends throughout this episode, all the kissing and then the nakedness. In episode 2. It just might be too much. C'mon ABC, really? Naked? I felt so badly for those girls. Yes, they know what they are signing up for but really. Really?
    I'm holding out for Sean and Catherine's wedding.
    This dang show sucks me in!


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