Bachelor: Juan Pablo Episode 1 Re-cap!

I'm making a blog comeback with Bachelor Re-caps.
Go figure.
It was one of my most favorite things to-do before babies.
{That's what we call life before foster care!}

We can start off by saying it's safe to say I love Juan Pablo.
His accent. His scruffy beard. His daughter. 
Oh and his abs...what's not to love.
Oh ya...wait a minute. I love my husband...more.

Hello Limos. Because that is when it gets good.
Just the way he says Limo makes me melt.
And how cute was he when he said he was ok with 
just quitting after Limo number 1. 
I have to agree with him.
That was a pretty hot limo.

First girl...ok. Red dress a tad short.
Cassandra and awkward moment was actually sweet.
Her dress was pretty.
And his holy moly was so sweet.
This first limo is full of the cutest girls.

I like how he says 'leemo'!
He looks at all the girls like he is already in love.

The bracelet for Camilla is spot on from the girl in the green dress.
The nurse was darling and loved her heartbeat trick.
She was so casual and comfortable.
And then he bit his fingers and said 'no more limos!'

Second leemo is good too.
But first the little dance lesson was perfect.
So far not too cheesy intros.
And she smells very good.
I love his honesty.

'Hmmm...another cute one.'
His out loud thoughts are to die for.

Flowerpants, my nickname for free spirit girl, and no shoes is surely a free spirit.

And here is the piano player.
A little wacky and her error reminded me of the girl
who tried to do the back walker a few seasons ago and fell!

Is he going to spy on the girls!
Oh my gosh he is adorable.
Already breaking rules.
He must have marked that he likes blondes on his application.
I'm not sure he got the chemistry joke. 
That might have been lost in translation.

Ashley sounds like a smoker. 
A few of these girls look way older than their age.

Haha...the girls all just said...waiting for the crazy person!
She might of just got out of the leemo....with her fake preggo belly.

Ali the soccer player might have a slight advantage.
And here we have Crazy Pants...Amy the Massage Therapist.

And then my most favorite girl.
Renee, single mommy from Florida!

And then another crazy pants...Lauren.
Something about her is weird. Pretty sure she will be a crier.

Lacy is another favorite.
From La Jolla. With a big family.
Cute girl...but dress a little too prom dressy.
That comment from Kaia.

Kylie's darling but her bubble gum pink dress was just a tad off.
The next dress is gorgeous. A slight purple color.
Beautiful draping. And humble in her singing.
So he almost dropped dead when brunette Andi stepped out of the leemo.
Maybe he likes brunettes too.

Nikki and Renee scored big points on the first one on one times.
They nailed it and are probably my favorites.

Haha...flowerpants is a happy camper!
Oh wow and crazy pants already wants to get busy on the table.
She will have him undressed in no time!
She is going to put him to sleep right there.
Yay...for him thinking the massage was awkward!

Kylie's bubble gum pink lipstick is as bad as her dress.
Lauren is a hot mess too early on.
I guessed it right. A crier.
There is a sweetness to her story though.
I feel for her.
She is working through some deep stuff.

And then she got her one on one and it got really awkward.
poor girl.

Oh he likes Lindsey's puzzle!
And I'm hoping Andie gets the first impression rose.

I love Sharleen's dress too.
That is that light purple drapey dress.
Haha...she said weiner!
and Juan Pablo repeated it.
He is smitten with her.
Oh a keeper!
She is getting the rose.
What...is she going to decline the rose?
Did she really just said 'seriously?' like that?
Send her home.

Wait...she called him sir.
She hesitated.
She doesn't derserve this.
Quit calling him sir.
Dress is still gorgeous.
I hate that she isn't excited.
Kaia wants her dress for Prom!

I hope he calls Renee mama in his spanish accent.
It sounds so hot.
i'd approve of that nickname for her.

These poor girls look constipated during the rose ceremony.
Well he didn't call her mama...but he called Renee.
Yay...my favorites are getting roses.
Soccer player Allie scored.
I need this last rose to go to Lynzi.
And poor bubble gum girl. 
Oh...I loved Lynzi and her puzzle and sweet family.

Let the tears begin now for all the crazies who were already in love
And another guy who doesn't like your massages!
Take a hint Amy J. Massage 'feeling' therapist.
I have to admit that it would suck to go home on first night.

I really grew to like crazy Lauren H. with her broken past.
she has some healing to do.

Looks like it is going to be a crazy fun adventure.
With a crazy sexy accent to boot!
But that ending makes me nervous.
Are you kidding me?
This might be the most dramatic Bachelor ever!

Haha...the shirtless ending.
See you ladies next week!

What did I miss?
Tell me in the comments.


  1. I'm so glad you are doing this again!!! Did you read Sheaffer's? http://pinteresttoldmeto.blogspot.com/2014/01/huhwhahn-pablo.html Between you two, I'll watch this season. JP doesn't flip my skirt but the drama is always hilarious/sad.

  2. April! So glad I found your blog! Love the recap and his sexy accent. Do not like Sharleen and her 'yes, sir' either. What the what? But I think she will provide some great and "elegant" drama this season.

  3. awe so glad El Bachelor brought you back! haha! I am sure you have been busy with those cuties :) This should be an interesting season! I want to fast forward and see who is doing all that crying at the end! happy new year :)

  4. So glad you are back...praying things are going well. I have been sad, clicking on your blog and seeing those cute boots, again & again. Ahhh, Juan Pablo, it's going to be a great season! I'm from Oklahoma, so a little sad that our girl turned out to be a crier. Can't wait until the next recap....


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