Wearing....{my style}

This was my bathing suit cover-up during my two week beach vacation.
I wore it almost everyday.

Now to figure how to wear it without a bathing suit under it.
It's a little short for my everyday style.
But maybe with tights and an added layer of trim?

It's by Billabong. Find it here.
You will love it too. I promise.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Kaia and Blake's first day of school was today.
Kimono's are all the rage down south right now.
Kaia usually picks up on a trend down there before
it makes it's way up here.

I think she rocked this lace kimono with her turquoise shorts, 
grey t-shirt and braided rainbow flip flops.

And I have a test that short shorts have to pass.
I'll spare you the details.
They don't necessarily have to go to the fingertips
but butt cheeks can't hang out and a sit test happens
before we walk out of a store with them.

Lace Kimono is by Volcom. Found Here!
And it's even on sale now. Darn.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Blake is all about color and skateboards right now.
We have a little skater dude decked out in all skater clothes!

The best part....his fun socks!
This is just one pair of five new pairs of socks he got for school.
All of them loud and colorful.

Socks by Volcom. Found here!
Now I know they are $10 a pair...but I will do anything to get this kid
excited to go to school. Anything!
Let's keep our fingers crossed socks do the trick this year.

*  *  *  *  *  *

And Kaia's new bag for school!
I'm totally in love.

Found Here.

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  1. Love that the ENTIRE family rocks these new outfits! You all looks fabulous - and yay for the 1st day of school! When I first started reading Blake was such a little guy, or so it seems and he's looking more grown up. Kaia is as always, beautiful and cool looking, yet age appropriate (love that - so many girls her age are not). And you my friend, look amazing!

  2. All super cute! Love your cover up! Love the kimono, bag, the socks..all of it, haha!!!

  3. You are all so stylish. I really love that coverup!
    Of course Kaia looks gorgeous. Brookelyn always sees pics on here and Instagram and tells me how pretty she is. Blake's socks are awesome. Volcom always has the coolest socks!

  4. I really like your style including short, top and bag...Just love it. The top, I reckon that belongs to Bella! I have so many Bella tops.


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