Thursday LOVE {my style}

I've fallen in LOVE with new bedding. 
It makes sense.
The season will be changing soon.
This should work perfectly for Fall/Winter.

|| Bedding ||

 || Lamp + Rug ||

|| Dresser ||

Luckily I already have the bedding and dressers.
We have a dresser on each side of our bed.
They double as our nightstands.
Now to just sell my current Flokati rug and lamps
so I can purchase the new ones!


  1. Ok! Word of advice! BUY THE COW HIDE RUG! I got one last month at the flea market! It's my favorite thing ever! It makes such a statement!!!!

  2. I love that bedding. It's just so clean and bright. And, the dresser? Love!


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