Update on Little Miss.....

I think it is time for a little update on this cutie.
A lot has changed in the last few weeks and her future is unknown at this time.
What we do know is that as soon as we get back from vacation she will
be returning to live with us until everyone has time to figure out what next.

Our dear friends that had planned on adopting Little Miss and her two older brothers
have changed their minds. The adoption plans have fallen through at the last minute.
I completely respect their decision. And their bravery for doing what is right for their family
at this time and making a hard decision. It was very difficult for them.
I watched them in pain. But when the decision was made it was right.
And I felt peace. I also felt extreme sadness because we had such a beautiful
plan in place of keeping these siblings together but there was still peace.
Peace that I couldn't explain. 
I still feel peace.

So the next question in everyone's mind is this....
'so are you going to keep both of them now?'
And the answer is still No.
As much as I want to be able to say Yes. Sure.
That would be perfect. It would not be perfect.
I know my limits. I know what I can do and do well.
I know what answers we have received to our own prayers.
And trust me we have spent much time in prayer over this decision.
There has been much heartache in our whole family...
even extended family, in making this decision.
But I know what Heavenly Father has planned for our family.
With a surety. It includes Little Mister.

It is time to put my thick skin on.
I keep getting this next question....
'But how can YOU split them up?'
I want to burst out crying when asked that question.
That is part of our heartache....
the siblings...and our love for Little Miss.

Here is a little back story to help explain how we even came to think about keeping...
just one. Parts of this case are heartbreaking with regards to Little Mister.
It was known pretty early on that he would probably be placed for adoption
and reunificiation could be possible for the three other siblings.
It was then that we committed to adopting Little Mister.
No way were we having him placed anywhere else ALONE.
He belonged to us.

But we would have never committed to adopting two siblings.
Our goal was never adoption. Our goal was foster care.
But we know now the reason for our journey in foster care.
{I'll share more about that in another post...soon.}

When we found out that all the siblings would be placed for adoption
we actually asked our friends if they wanted to keep them all together.
They said no. They knew in their hearts also that Little Mister belonged to our family.
We even early felt strongly that if county adoption workers wanted to place
Little Mister and Little Miss together that that would be a sacrifice we 
would make as a family to help keep them together.
But as Little Mister's developmental delays started coming to light and all his
therapy needs and special feeding needs presented it was clear that the county
was going to keep Little Mister right where he was...with US regardless
of the other siblings' outcome in court. It is where he belongs.

and that is how we came to committing to adopt just one.
we hope and pray that a local family will be found for Little Miss
and possibly even her two older siblings.
our mail goal through all of this and making a committment to adoption
is to keep these siblings part of our family too.
to have an open and close relationship with the other adoptive families.
i know that is a lofty goal. but thankfully county adoptions have the same goal.
that doesn't mean that it will happen. but it is our goal.

So here we are today....on vacation without Little Miss.
She was suppose to have her transisiton to her forever home complete the week
before we left. We had planned this vacation as our first vacation as a family of five.

We needed to know if Little Mister would be ok with just the 4 of us.
Without Little Miss everyday. We needed to know that we would be ok as a family of 5
with one little toddler running (or crawling) around instead of two.
We needed to know we would be Ok without Little Miss with us.
We continue to feel peace.
We feel all these things.
Oh we miss that little girl right now.
But we also know this is our family.

Little Miss ended up staying these two weeks with our dear friends.
What a gift they have given us with this break.
And what a generous offer to keep her for two weeks and love her
and take care of her as foster parents instead of adoptive parents.
For they do love her and she loves them.

When we return home this sweet little rambunctious feisty curly haired girl 
will be returning to our home until her forever plans are in place.
We are ok with that. We love her and want her exactly where God wants her
however long that might take.

For now we are enjoying the peace and quiet that one little toddler brings instead of two.
And hopefully we will be ready and refreshed for the crazy that will be happening
when we return home and start all over making plans for this sweet girl.
It will be another emotional roller coaster ride.
One that we signed up for....
but that doesn't mean it will be easy.

We LOVE you Little Miss with our whole hearts.
You will be forever part of our family whereever you go.
For now...you get to stay with us a little longer!


  1. April, could little miss be adopted outside of napa county? I have some good friends who may be interested. If a change if counties is possible, email me: amy@evystree.com. Xoxox

  2. April, I didn't even want to open this post to read off my reader but I'm glad I did. I'm sure you haven't even touched the surface of the process and you don't need to. It is a private, family decision. Gut-wrenching I'm sure!

    Praying for rest and wisdom.

  3. Thank you for your honest and compelling post April. I'm sure this has been a wonderful yet difficult time for everyone involved. They are both beautiful children and I'm glad you are finding peace with the decisions you have made. Prayers for you and everyone involved.

  4. What a lovely little girl, I hope she can find a loving family soon


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