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Just a few instagram pics to go along with my THIS + THAT post. 
I'm aprilkennedy on instagram if you want to follow along.
 Instagram not only hijacked my blog
but also my nice big fancy camera!

THIS has been talked about for years. Turning our garage into an additional hang out space.
I feel like a broken record when I remind y'all that we live in less than 1300 sq feet.
It wasn't so bad before babies came. But now...oh it's tight. My dad has been coming over on weekends for a few months now helping us clean out our garage. We threw away A LOT  and I sold a lot. I've stocked away the money and this past weekend we took a trip to IKEA.
Hello fun new orange couch and bright blue and orange rug! I feel a surf theme inspired room
coming soon here. And a TV was just added a few days ago. I can't even begin to tell
you how nice it is to have the TV on out there in the afternoon instead of in my main living space!

THAT man right there has the bluest eyes that weren't captured in this picture.
I titled this picture....hella hot.
Luckiest girl right here to be married to him.
Luckiest kids to have him as a daddy.
Luckiest baby boy in his arms right there.

THIS picture was taken right before the diapers came off and we let them 'swim' nakie!
We've had 90 degree weather this week. Speaking of hella hot.
We totally counted this as their bath.

And who put the old coral pillows back on my outdoor couch?
They don't belong there...just the new ikat black ones!

THAT boy has my whole heart for my whole life. 
We are getting close to the 'littles' 18 month hearing.
We should know in a month or so the plan for this sweet family.
While we are supportive of their parents in trying for reunification, if they can meet
all the childrens' needs and provide a safe environment for them, in my heart
I know that this littlest guy would do best in our home forever with all of his special needs.

Would we keep both...some people ask?
Honestly, it is just too much.
And there are two other siblings that are involved.
Little Mister has the most intensive needs and we know him
better than anyone else since he has been in our care since 6 weeks old.
I am swamped with appointments these days. I'm overwhelmed.
I'm not getting much more done than appointments.
Most weeks average 10 appointments a week.

three therapy appts for Little Mister
two therapy appts for Blake
one therapy appt for Little Miss
two visit appts each week with birth parents
and then throw in either a social worker visit, a doctor visit,
a specialist visit for Little Miss, a dentist visit and we are up to 10.

I'm ready for life to slow down a bit.
To find our new normal as a potential adoptive family
or as a family of four again if the children return home.
I know the transition will be hard.
Saying good-bye to Little Miss in our home will be bittersweet.
So so bitter for us, but so so sweet for her and her potential forever family.
Possibly saying good-bye to both of them...heart wrenching.

But I believe we are quickly approaching the day that we have dreaded/waited for 
when we first took this sweet sibling placement. 

18 months is a long time. 
A long, rewarding, somewhat-challenging, sweet time.


  1. Oh wow April, keeping you and your family in our prayers. This is such an intense time but I know you will be blessed and carried come what may. You have done such a beautiful act of love and service in bringing this whole family into your hearts and lives. <3 <3 I am so so so jealous of your garage space but so happy for you. I KNOW YOUR PAIN! We have big plans to convert out teeny tiny dining room into a teeny tiny TV room and I think it will help. You have given me extra motivation with the beautiful job you've done here!

    1. thank you Kirsty for your continued love, support and prayers. And the garage space...totally life changing. get started on that dining room makeover. can't wait to see/hear about it!

  2. Thanks for the update- kind of one of those things you want to ask, but don't. I love your honesty and through it all I know you just want the best for all the children involved.
    I am praying. Enjoy your weekend!

    Totally off subject and lame, but do people tell you that your husband looks like that jesse james bike guy? It just occurred to me in that picture.

    1. Thanks so much for the prayers. And i hear you on the 'wondering but don't want to ask'. It's a fine line. And one that up until a month ago made me burst out crying even thinking about it. But all is well....at least right now! There is so much I can't share publicly also that would help people understand the situation better...but privacy needs to be kept too. So thank you for understanding and supporting.

      AND...haven't heard jesse james. used to always hear kevin costner when dave had more hair. he would be pleased though with jesse james!!

  3. I will definitely be keeping you and your family and your beautiful heart in prayer.

    1. thank you Kate! we will all need them this next month...babies included.

  4. April,
    I admire your strength, courage and heart full of love. Thank you for being an inspiration!

  5. Hi April, I am a frequent reader but not frequent commenter. I will try to be better about that ;) Just had to say how inspired by you I am. Those children are so blessed to have you in their lives. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts in the coming weeks. p.s love your instagram pics! Take care. Courtney

    1. Courtney,
      Thanks for commenting and for your sweet note and keeping us in your thoughts. We all appreciate it!! I'm not a very frequent blogger these days but I'll try to be better too.

  6. I was a foster child for one year of my life. My foster family will always be part of my family. I love them and always will. Thank you for being such a caring foster family.

    1. thank you so much for sharing this. i hope these babies will always know how much they were loved while they were in our home. I'm sure they will be too young to remember if they do go home but hopefully we will be able to tell them someday if that is the case. I secretly dream that if they do go home that they would show up on my doorstep 20 years later and I would be all like...let me see your feet....yup those are the ones I nibbled on and were oh so yummy when you were a baby! I have each little piggy of their's memorized. exactly how little mister's second toe pops up above the rest and little miss has a certain ticklish spot. thanks for the comment.

  7. So happy you shared this! Luckiest babies and the new situation could not be more perfect considering. So much love all around for you all. You are such a loving example to me. Love you, friend!

  8. You are a strong, amazing woman and courageous family. Not knowing His plan can be so very agonizing. Keeping you in our prayers


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