This + That Friday! {My Life}

Prom was last weekend!

And it wasn't for Kaia.
The County of Napa puts on a Foster Care Appreciation Party each year for the foster parents.
Rosa always has an amazing themed party that is totally Pinterest worthy with details.
This year was Prom.
Like still talking about it kind of fun.

I searched for a dress with sleeves. Couldn't find one.
My niece had a bridesmaid dress we all thought might fit me.
And it did. Borrowed and didn't cost a penny.
So I went sleeveless for three hours. 

We danced the whole time.
Like high school dancing. 
Fast, slow, make out on the dance floor.
All in the middle of the day.
Hey...they had the lights down real low in the party room.

We were even nominated for Prom King and Queen.
They picked a few couples/foster parents that represented these three things:
Currently had a placement.
Had mentored a birth mother.
Was an advocate for foster care in the community.

They then put all our names in a bowl and drew from there.
Our dear friends Steve and Anna won and we couldn't have been happier for them!

We then hit the dance floor again until the lights came back on and it was time to go.
And in true high school fashion...
well back in our day....
the girl always left Prom wearing her guy's bow tie.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

BottleRock is this weekend in our hometown.
It started Thursday with Macklemore.
We let Kaia go with some friends.
Her first concert experience.
She said it was the coolest thing ever.
She actually has the clean version of Macklemore's whole CD downloaded.
He sings the Thrift Shop song.
She said he sounded amazing. Wish we would have gone with her!
Dave said his first concert was when he was 15.
Mine was when I was 17 and it was The New Kids on the Block.

They are expecting over 35,000 people this weekend to watch over 35 bands.
We didn't get tickets. 
They were pricey...like $300 and Kaia has a volleyball tournament this weekend.
So wish we were going now though to see so many of our favorite bands
in our own backyard.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

So I haven't shared much yet about a weight loss journey I am currently on.
It is an 8 week program that includes:
eating healthy
exercising daily
prayer and scripture study daily
good deed/act daily
water consumption daily

It's based on points and geared toward whole body.
I'll share more later but you could search for some details if you want.
It's called...Feeling Great in 8.
It is a team based, points run program.
Easiest healthy living/weight loss I've ever done.

I've lost 11 pounds so far. Approx. 2 pounds per week.
Totally healthy. I feel great.
I haven't seen the 140's on the scale in a long time.
{I'm actually down 21 pounds from my heaviest weight right after we got the babies.}

Dave and I are on a team together with another couple.
We have been exercising daily together.
Usually at 9:30 pm because that is the only time we can get out of the house.
Sometimes we take the babies in the double jogger earlier...but later afternoons
are hot around here and not the best time to exercise.

A week ago we picked up our walking to a jog.
I have never liked jogging. Actually have hated it.
I have asthma. Allergy induced asthma...so this time of year is bad.

But we started running. 
First it was 1 time around the lap.
Then a few days later 2 times around the lap.

Then I added music...HELLO...and went a whole mile!
I asked Instagram friends for music suggestions.
Couldn't believe the difference it made in making me want to keep running.

Last night...I cranked out 2 whole miles without stopping.
I kind of like running now.
Might be a new addiction.
Adding a 5k to my bucket list and possibly and 10k 
and then we will see from there.

What about you....any songs you like to exercise/run to?
I think I'm gonna need a longer play list if I keep this up!

Happy Weekending.
Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Go April! You and Dave have seriously got to be the cutest, lovliest, most beautiful couple. Fo realz.

  2. I like Michael Jackson stuff...and then Party in the USA...nothing great! Anyway...I am training for a marathon...have lost 70 some pounds and am loving life! 5ks are fun! Keep up the great work!

  3. Pretty sure that you two are the cutest. Ever. So fun to have a prom together, in the day time no less.
    And, congrats on the weight loss & running. That's great!!

  4. I think this is my first time commenting here on your blog! You and Dave are seriously the cutest couple in the WORLD! I also recently started running... but I am not having the success like you are. I started with the C25K, but just feels like I'm stuck and like I'll never get "there". I was wondering if maybe you could share some song inspiration and some of your fueling (food) tips and motivation. Love your blog to pieces!

  5. April, you look fabulous and Dave is adorable too! You look amazing and I'm sure PROM was a great way to celebrate your recent success! Sounds like a fabulous time! :) You make me smile as always my friend!!!

  6. Y'all look so great! Love the dress...and good for you guys with all the exercising. We've been doing that around here lately and it feels so good to see the weight start to fall off. :-) Hope you are doing well sweet mama!

  7. I love the prom theme! How cute :)


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