Life and a Thank You

 Life lately.....

It's been messy with tears.
{oh these two trouble makers}

It's been fun with giggles.
{first time in a bounce house}

It's been adventurous with anticipation.
{first outdoor ed experience}

It's been stressful with finals.
{honors geometry final project}

AND....we couldn't do this thing we call life without our parents.
Both my parents and Dave's parents live in town.
They are such great grandparents to our kids.
And to our babies in our home.

They help us out so much.
Usually on a whim. 
A frantic phone call is made and they come to the rescue.

AND...I just need them all to know I love them 
and appreciate them.
Our life is busy and they don't hear from us as often as they would like
but they are always there when we need them


babysit the babies,
pick up kids from school,
bring Kaia to early morning seminary the last two days
(with McDonalds waiting for her in the car),
let us borrow their truck....and trailer (for outdoor ed),
take their truck without asking,
fold the laundry when they stop by,
 unload my dishwasher,
and even help build a boat with 2 hours notice
due the next morning while daddy is out of town.

And while I'm thanking...my sister Jill does a lot to help out also on a whim
and our friend Joe is always willing to help our family.
He and Grandpa Mike won 'helping out on a whim' of the year award yesterday!
With one phone call to Joe yesterday, he got Kaia the wood and cut it up so Grandpa
could help her put it together last night while Daddy was away at Outdoor Education with Blake.

We are so grateful. Thank you.
We love you all!


  1. Oh my gosh - those babes...so adorable, little toes and little outfits and I just love to see them growing! Blake looks super handsome as well of course....! I'm happy you have helpers to assist you with your FOUR kiddos. You busy and crazy girl :)

  2. I need to stop and give thanks like that. So glad you have family who are willing to jump in!

  3. Ohhhhh what an amazing thing it must be to only have your family so close by but that they are so invested in you and your children and willing to help. Aaron and I have raised 5 kids with no family anywhere close by and it is my life's great sadness. The help would have made life SO much less stressful and lonely especially when there were 4, 6 and under, but more than anything I ache for the fact that I haven't been able to share my children with my loved ones and they haven't had those relationships to bless their lives. I so envy you this beautiful thing! Lovely photos and tribute :)


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