These Four. {My Life}

{two posts in one day....what?!}

I leave for Snap Conference today.
Dave will be corralling these four by himself the next five days.
Good thing they are all cute!

He can do it. And he will do it GREAT.
His own way....
which is exactly what the kids need.
A little time of daddy's way.

Because Mommy's way isn't necessarily the right way.
Even though we think it is!


  1. Enjoy the conference! You deserve it! It's funny because in our house I'm the task master, organizer, etc. but when Daddy's gone we do lots of things we don't go when he's around. Such as all sleeping in bed together, fro-yo for lunch, visiting the cats at the humane society. I'm not sure what goes on when I'm not around but as long as they're all in one piece when I get back it's all good. Right?!?!

  2. What a precious picture! I'm sure they will have fun with Daddy. Have a great time at the conference. :-)

  3. Praying for Dave! I am sure he will be great. I love this picture!

  4. April - so great to meet you {while exercising} at SNAP - gorgeous family... and wonderful to be able to put some faces to those stories. I gave up on the gym on day 2 :) xo, will be following your awesome blog. -Liz


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