Then There Were Two. {My Life}

After taking the big kids away for the night to Santa Cruz,
it was time for a little date weekend the very next weekend!

Which meant my mom stayed with the babies two weekends in a row.
Bless her.

We headed to our happy place....Southern CA Beaches.
And I say beaches because when you are married to a surfer
you do not just go to one beach!

Our Marriage Maintenance Weekend started out sweet with a little upgrade
from a kind lady behind the Hertz rental desk to a Mercedes SUV.
We were rollin'. And smiling.
 Neither of us had ever driven a Mercedes before.

We ate yummy BBQ in Seal Beach.

Did a little shopping before the surfing began.
You know it was date weekend. Not just surf weekend!

Oh the sunsets in our happy place!

And the car wash signs.
Make sure you read the parts in the boxes.
Too funny.
This was posted at our favorite Frozen Yogurt place Velvet Yogurt
in San Clemente that we went to twice that weekend.
Once for our very first Acai bowl and second for a double date
with our sweet queen bee market friends Summer and Matt!

We brought exercise clothes and took brisk walks on the pier each morning or evening.
It was so nice to reconnect without a 15 year old well being a 15 year old,
a 10 year old jumping and walking all around you, and pushing a 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 year old in a stroller 
all while the 2 1/2 year old is trying to get out!

Saturday morning brought an early morning surf sesh with about 50 hand planers 
(body surfers using a small wooden hand plane to propel them up and out of the water)
while I wrapped myself in towels to keep warm and chatted it up with the locals.

That afternoon brought out the sun and a nap on the beach which included
the start of my summer tan!

We had hotel nightmare after nightmare.
First night checked in to a little hotel late that had a broken bed.
Seriously, Dave kept rolling off it all night long.

Our dream hotel for the rest of the weekend accidentally
cancelled our reservation after I had already received a confirmation number
and had spoken with someone in person to confirm the reservation
and was sold out due to spring break that week.

I spent the first 45 minutes crying in their hotel lobby because I had been dreaming of this view/location
for weeks with just me and Dave. You know us women and our expectations!

The hotel finally got it right on our very last night and it was a little slice of heaven.

I love a good hotel with {my style} beds and baths!

Dave instagrammed on Sunday morning he was paddling out to church.
He wasn't lying!

Our last morning there we ate breakfast at The Deck watching the waves
crash along the shore.

While waiting for our food, Dave squeezed my hand as OUR SONG, 
the one we walked back down the aisle to after we were married,
starting playing in the restaurant.
It was magical. 
And the perfect end to a great Marriage Maintenance Weekend!

Refreshed and ready to come home.
Kind of.


  1. We've been searching for a vacation place in the US and after seeing some many great pics from you and from others out in CA, I think that's where we need to head. I love your term...marriage maintenance weekend! We don't have one planned until July, but hey that gives me time to plan, right? And the hotel issue...totally get it!

  2. April, you are so pretty! So glad you guys chose to get away for maintenance.


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