Just the Four of Us.

We had a wonderful overnighter with our big kids.
We headed to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

We strolled.

We ate.

We rode up high in the sky.

We ate dinner at Hula's Island Grill and didn't have to rush
or hush a fussy child!

We ate way too much.
They have the best sweet potato fries...
all because of their wasabi ginger dressing you dip them in!

And then we checked into our motel.
Yes...I said Motel. The doors were on the outside!
{more on this swanky motel later this week...it was amazing}

We missed the babies. We pointed to cute ones on the boardwalk.
We talked about them a lot.

But we also talked about how nice it was to just be us.
To visit and sit and chat. 
We hung out.

And we talked about how really we have been just the four of us
longer than we have been the six of us.

But we all admitted that it felt like something was missing.
Kaia kept saying it felt weird.

And then the magic happened.
It was 9:30 pm.
We headed to the hotel motel pool to swim and sit in the hot tub.

It was a bit chilly. The hot tub was full.
So we ordered hot chocolates from the bar by the pool.
And we all sat and chatted and for sure agreed right then and there
that this special moment wouldn't have happened with the babies there!
One of us would have stayed with the sleeping babies in the motel.
It wouldn't have been ALL 4 of us.

It was perfect. It was just what we all needed.
A special moment with our children to reconnect.
To laugh and just be us.

We drove home Saturday afternoon and practically pushed each other down
because we couldn't get into the house fast enough to see the babies.

And then they cried ALL afternoon!

Oh and then Blake made us all laugh when we said...
"This is FUN!" and blake said...
'what kind of Fun....like fist fight FUN!'
his one-liners are killing us right now.

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  1. I love that you took the time to reconnect and the hot cocoa in the pool sounds cute!


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