It's been 20 years.....

....since my parents have been to Disneyland!

They are there right now with their bestest friends.
My parents are on the left. 
I promise my dad is happy to be there!!

My sister and I are dying.
We keep getting pictures like this showing up on our Instagram....

The hair is the funniest part. 

My mom keeps sitting with her friend the second ride around.
I guess Bob doesn't ride rides!
I keep asking but they aren't responding to our comments on Instagram.
How rude!
Like they are having too much fun without their kids there or something.

But this picture was the best....

My dad doesn't know that kid sitting next to him.
Ya...the kid that looks like he is going to barf.
We still don't know what happened on that ride.

They are having too much fun galavanting around the park like teenagers!

Good for you guys.
We love you.
Glad you are having fun.

Dad, I only wish I had had an extra hundie in my pocket to slip you
before you left. I mean...we are the responsible ones still home holding down jobs
acting like respectable adults around here!

{and yes I did just label this post...'disneyland and senior citizens'}

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  1. This is what I want to do when I'm a senior citizen! Hee hee hee. And that "barfing" kid probably does what all kids do and scout out the photo op moment and posed. I'm just sayin'.....people DO that. ;)


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