Hot Like a Fever!

A few little things I want to remember forever....

Blake had his first baseball game this weekend.
It was so much fun.
We went as a whole family.
They won their first game.
He is so serious about the sport.
I think I'm going to like the ball field!

Little Mister is so kick back chill.
Like will sit forever and watch baseball.
Kaia and I took turns chasing Little Miss.
She is the opposite of kick back chill.
Always on the go that little ball of cuteness.
Dave had the right idea...he signed up as an assistant coach.
He gets to hang out in the dugout the whole game.
Smart guy!

And the whole reason for this post and title....
The other day Blake and Dave were talking.
Blake wanted Dave to go out and play catch with him.
Dave said....'Just a minute I've got to help your hot mom first.'
Without missing a beat Blake replied with....
'What kind of hot...like fever hot?'

We all died laughing and it is our go to line right now.
I guess we did have our fair share of that horrible flu season.


  1. HaHa! Hot like a fever! I love it! I want to use it too!

    I look forward to days at the ball field, and I know that Kyle definitely does! :)

  2. haha. That's great! Love the silly things kids say when they don't even realize how funny it is!


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