Heated Poo.

We are headed here in a couple of days with our kids.
Only the big kids.
Kaia & Blake.

Just the four of us.
I've talked about Dave and I needing a break.
Well our kids need one too.

This week is our Spring Break.
I asked Kaia what she might want to do.
She said...'anything but stay in a hotel with the babies.'
Don't get her wrong...she LOVES the babies.
But the hotel stays can be brutal.
Actually, I call them HELL.

Two cribs, no quiet space for Little Miss to sleep through the night.
Little Mister waking everyone up, including Little Miss, with his every waking.
Dave having to get dressed at 2:00 am because Little Mister woke up Little Miss
for the third time already and she is screaming for MILK...but we have no MILK.
So I start screaming to Dave....GO TO THE FRONT DESK AND ASK FOR MILK!
He isn't too keen on asking strangers for favors. Me, I'm not shy.
But I'm holding two crying babies. So he puts on his jeans and goes and gets milk.
Sheepishly from the hotel desk.
Let's just say, that night we got a second room that was adjoining
and empty and it blew our budget.

So back to Spring Break.
As much as Dave and I are needing a break...
and oh it is coming. You just wait and see.
We decided our big kids needed a break too.

So we are heading to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for a day and a night.
A night...in a hotel with just the four of us.
But now that the kids are getting bigger that means
Dave and Blake share a bed and Kaia and I share a bed.
Which is why Dave and I will be going to a hotel room
ALONE the following weekend.
woot. woot.

I joked with Kaia that we were staying in the hotel that said...
"Heated Poo" on their sign last time we were there.
The L had fallen off in 'Pool' on their sign.
We laughed at the time.
But she didn't laugh this time.
She actually got really upset thinking our little getaway would be
in a stinky dirty POO MOTEL.
and my kids know the difference between Motels and Hotels.
They are like their mama and prefer a Hotel.
(doors in hallways, not doors outside)

Wait until you see the sweet deal of a hotel I scored in Santa Cruz.
Although it might be considered a swanky Motel.
I can't remember if the doors are outside or not.
It doesn't matter though. 
There is reclaimed wood planking on the walls!
It is just our style.
Kaia will be beaming! 


  1. Have a wonderful weekend away family! Love this vintage lookng shot! Avoided Heated Poo at all costs and enjoy your alone weekend soon as well :)

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