Dear Dave....{it is Tuesday!}

Dear Dave,

I hope you like the custom sign I had made for our bedroom. We talk about it. We dream about it. I thought it would be a fun personal sign that would have special meaning for above our bed. I know you would have preferred a real life surfboard there...but we do share the space and I don't share your love of actually surfing. So this is a compromise! The kids do though...share your love of surfing and I think they were hoping it was going in our family room. Bummer for them.

I will miss our subway board that was above our bed with all our special words we created when we were working on saving our marriage a few years back. I will especially miss the couple of times that we have fought and you have gone to our bedroom to sit in your thinking chair, that faced our marriage subway art, and then have come to get me to read the same words with you that softens the fight and reminds us what is important. But I think the 'let's move to San Clemente' will do the same. Remind you/us that we are a team and that we share the same dream. Getting on our knees to pray will also help soften the rough patches. We need to remember to do that daily together.

One of these days I hope that dream does come true....I don't care how old we are when it happens. Remind me to tell the children when we get old that only a rest home in San Clemente will do! 

Do you love the sign? Please circle YES or NO. And please write back.

xoxo, a

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Custom Sign | Salty Bison
{their shop will be opening soon}

Bedding | Target + West Elm

Furniture | Ikea

Lamps + Lampshades | Home Goods + Target


  1. I'm delurking to say I love the story behind the sign and the location. It's heaven! We lost our access to a free condo in Dana Point so it's trickier for us to plan a trip but we "dream" of relocating there.

    And besides voting, Dave should keep adding to the D&A posts even if it's not often--they're awesome!

  2. I am just so thrilled to return here after such a long hiatus to see that you're still writing letters. I love it. I'm wondering if I should do the same with Hubs in a paper notebook here at home. I know offering it up to the blog world would be too much to ask of him. Anti-social bug.


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