Bachelor Finale Thoughts....

I can't believe I'm saying this but Catherine is seriously growing on me.
I still can't stand though that she doesn't look ANYONE directly in the eyes
when she is talking about serious topics with them.

Catherine is more mature but I don't think in the same place as Lindsey is
with wanting marriage and family so bad.

I personally feel Lindsay is the better pick for Sean just for that reason.
She is in it 110%.

I think Catherine has a mind of her own that we haven't really seen yet.
I'd be worried about lasting forever.
I don't feel that same worry with Lindsey.

My most favorite part of the whole show....
Sean protecting her mother when she started to cry.
The thought to take the cameras off of her crying and take her walking
to have as much as a private conversation as the cameraman would let them have
was so tender and loving. I LOVED every minute of it.
He is a good man.
And he will make an amazing husband.
Can you imagine when that is his wife needing that protection.

True gentleman.

The part I didn't like....
his turquoise and red outfit.
Now I love me a good turquoise and red combo....
but not on a guy,
not colorblocked,
and definitely not a tank top!

Also loved Sean's dad.
What sweet words to tell Catherine.
He had to know her family history.

I actually loved both Lindsey and Catherine with the parental talks.

Not a huge fan of the color of Lindsey's gunmetal silver dress.
I actually wish the girls' two dresses were combined.
Lindsey's style with Catherine's color.
Now that would be a stunning dress.

Both girls....I love.
Lindsey is going to be crushed.
Didn't see it coming AT ALL.
But handled it with complete class.
Way better than 'grown up' AshLee.

I'm sold on these two.
I really hope we have a Trista and Ryan here.
I can see it.

Catherine's nerves on the last night were so real.
When she couldn't leave him and their last night kiss....
I could tell he was picking her.
I CAN always tell by the kisses given on the very last date night.

They start holding back a bit with the one they aren't choosing.
Watch closely next time.

And speaking of next time....
YAY for Des!!
So excited for her.
Wonder how her brother was written in our OUT of the contract.

And please please please...BRING BACK THE BANGS....Des.
Way cuter with bangs!


  1. yes, I agree with it ALL! I am happy about Dez, too....and her bangs are adorable:)))

  2. We share the same favorite part. The look on his face when his mom started to cry... oh my word! It was so tender and protective.

    And Des... I'm so excited she's the next B-ette and my first thought was about her brother too. He'll either need to not be on the meet-the-fam time or muzzled.

  3. See, I felt like he was a little more reserved with Catherine on that final date! AND I almost swore I heard him tell Lindsay "I love you too" and he definitely didn't say that to Catherine.

    That said, Des was my initial leader and favorite (can be different, I assure you! See: Ari versus Jef. Loved Jef, but always thought Ari was the leader.)Catherine became my favorite after they showed one of her goofy moments. It was episode 3 or 4, I think. She's too cute and reminds me of a cousin-in-law I have. Just as beautiful and sweet. Apparently I have a bias.


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