I'm recovering.

So is Blake. He's there in bed. Can you find him?
He started baseball practices and is beat at the end of the day.
This day he was sound asleep by 6:30pm. 
I had a hard time finding him.

But back to my recovering.
I played catch up this week on all my favorite shows.

Downton Abbey 
left me wide gapping mouth at the end of Season 3...
for a few days. I felt somber.
Not fair. At all.

I know it is just a show but I'm appreciating life a little bit more these days.
You just never know...that one instant that could change everything.

again still recovering from the Season finale.
I watched it right after catching up on Downton.
not the ending I was expecting.
I can't say I'm relieved it wasn't who I thought it was going to be
because well someone I loved on the show is now gone.

and finally....

oh Des how I will miss you.
Your brother is to blame.
I hope you kick his arse.
and come back as the bachelorette!

and i might have gotten up a did a little jig {downton reference :( }
when Tierreble was sent packing.

do you watch any or all three?


  1. I watched Downton Abbey and Revenge back to back yesterday too and I have been so sad today. :(

  2. i watch all three (i am a bit of a tv junkie). i have to say that i really missed your input on the bachelor. i love to watch on hulu and read your comments during the commercials. i missed the beginning of downton abbey so i thought i would just wait until it comes to netflix or hulu to see season 3. my husband and i watch revenge together. we are only halfway through season 2. now i want to sit down all day and watch all three!! thanks for posting about these mindless activities. it is so nice to sit and get away sometimes!!

  3. Where is that blanket from? I want it. Scratch that- I NEED it.


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