In 2009 I posted our love story.

It's in parts!
We have some fun history together that started in high school.
I thought it would be fun throughout February to share the story again
in somewhat random order.

Here is a little back history:

Dave and I met when we were 13 years old. My family converted to Mormonism, from Catholicism…very controversial…..but so worth it! So after our conversion we went to the same church and I transferred to Dave's same middle school from catholic school. In ninth grade, at the age of 14, we started to notice each other in high school. I hung out with a small group of girls from church and all of us were pretty interested in a group of boys from church consisting of Sorensens, a Kennedy, and a Granthem. Dave Kennedy and I shared our first kiss {details saved for a later, very funny, story) around the first of December 1985. And our love story starts there.


It was December 1985 and I was lucky to get a part in our church’s Christmas rendition of “A Christmas Carol”. I had an all day long mandatory rehearsal one Saturday and casually told Dave {a few days after our first kiss}that I was going to be at the church at a stupid rehearsal for the play I was in. {Of course I had to act like it was dumb and boring to the boy I liked so much.} And since I was going to be there ALL DAY LONG, that he should skateboard over and come visit me. I was playing a part in the “future” and although I had to be there all day, my part wasn’t until later in the afternoon. My younger sister was also in the play and there with me all day --- good thing!

Dave showed up around 1:00 pm. I was so excited! I couldn’t believe he actually came. He liked me. He really liked me. That just proved it! I wanted to take off with him for a little, but knew I had to stay inside the church building because they were taking random “roll calls” to make sure everyone stayed “present” all day. My sister saw he was there and watched us walk off, down the hall together. We found a little alcove down one of the halls in the church building that led into the boys’ bathroom. It was dark in the hallway, but a little darker in the alcove. We sat in that alcove side by side with our legs stretched out straight for a long time, talking a little then kissing.

I noticed over time that it was getting a little darker and thought how much trouble I could potentially be in if I missed my part. But we were kissing….and it was sweet…..and we were still sitting there with our legs stretched out straight….enjoying each other’s tender little kisses, there in the church building, that only 14 year olds can give each other. We were making out, but we didn’t know passion yet…it was all still rather new to us. So we were staying totally respectful in the church...promise. Then all of sudden….out of the blue….an older gentlemen….who not only couldn’t see because it was dark, but wasn’t too steady on his feet -- trips over our out-stretched legs….catching us totally by surprise while we were still kissing! We hadn’t heard him coming….and he couldn’t see us because it was rather dark. He was tripping over our legs…cursing in the church building, trying to figure out what he was tripping over and Dave and I started laughing and took off running so he wouldn’t see us. It was funny and a little embarrassing but we decided well worth it! Dave and I said good-bye to each other and I ran into the darkened gym just in time for a random roll-call! “Good thing you’re here” my sister said rather irritated….” I’ve already covered for you for two roll-calls…saying “here” in a different voice when they called your name. It's almost 4:00 pm.” “Oh Jill, that was the right thing to do even though we are in the church….thank you!” I said.

*  *  *  *  *

Dave and I still sneak little kisses at church once in awhile. You know, appropriate little pecks. We actually attend church in that EXACT SAME church building each Sunday. We pass that alcove many times and remember the time we were caught making out at the church and the old man trying to figure out what he was tripping all over!


  1. He he he.so sweet!!!!!! I remember wanting to hold hands at church summer camp with a boy I had a terrible crush on my freshman year. But I was too shy.

  2. i love this story. it's sweet to look back and remember those first days of finding love. even sweeter to see it still present and growing:)))

    you pretty much look the same now as you did in this photo- NO WRINKLES!!


  3. I'm so glad you are sharing this story again!

  4. So cute! I love this! and that picture of you two...I love that you are happy together after all these years, so neat.


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