This + That Friday...{plus a crazy video}

This Little Mister earned himself a new nickname last weekend 
after Dave unbuttoned his shirt halfway down. 
First name....RICO. Last name....Suave.
Isn't he yummy? He is now 15 months.
He is pulling up to stand.
Starting to show some interest in table food.
And you should see him bust out his dance moves.
But his favorite thing to do is dance with {foster} mommy.

*  *  *  *  *

That boy...Dave in the 80's...stray cat style....
that is exactly what I remember him looking like
when I fell head over heels in love with him the first time...in 9th grade.
That right there is my very first kiss. I was 14.
I wasn't his. oh well. I don't care.
Who's married to him now.
For almost 19 years.

and for the record...that picture still gives me butterflies. still to this day.

*  *  *  *  *

And this music video is pure silliness with Kaia.
Although you CAN'T see Kaia.
She's all arms.

it was Monday. the kids were home from school.
I was eating an ice-cream and walked past Kaia at the computer and she said....
'mom sit with me and make a music video!'
and because I had nothing better to do with my time...
well one video lead to another video and three videos later
the silliness got out of control.
the first video i ate my ice cream while i sang.
the second video i sang the song with a little 'saving some for later' on my lip.
this though is the key to a fun relationship with a teenage daughter.
know when to talk serious and know when to have fun.

if you make it to the end you will see her pop up 
and try to grab the sweatshirt with her teeth!

maybe next week we will share videos 1 + 2.
or maybe they are just totally funny to us.
either way...they are treasures.

{p.s. she called me her best friend last weekend. 
i died and went to heaven.}

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  1. ABSOLUTELY HIL-AR-I-OUS!!!!!!!! I was crying too! I am still wiping tears off my face. Your extra hand made me laugh OUT LOUD and Kaia grabbing the jacket with her teeth was like a funny scene from Aliens (which is not even possible and that makes it even better!!! )!

    I am SO glad you shared! I want to see the one with ice cream on your lip!!!!!! And I love hearing your voice!!!


  2. I am crying. From laughing. Hysterical. You two are adorable. I hope that when Brookelyn is older she'll think of me the way that Kaia thinks of you. You HAVE to share the other videos. Please. Begging here. And, little mister just keeps getting cuter. Seriously, Rico Suave. Too funny!

  3. Adorable! Since I was 14 my mom has always been my best friend too!

  4. I love the video! So hilarious and fun! You're such a cool mom. :)

  5. little Rico is getting so big! cuuuute! love your new look!

  6. Love all the pictures...so awesome.

  7. SO very nice to meet you! Beautiful pics!!!

  8. Oh goodness. I have tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. That was pure awesomeness. I hope I have that kind of relationship with my daughter when she is older! Too cute :)

  9. Seriously so funny!! The flipping of the hair in your face made me crack up!! so funny!

  10. Watched it with Gracie who was in desperate need of a smile. We both laughed out loud! Thanks!!!

  11. PRICELESS!!!!! This is adorable! My mom is my best friend too! Looks like you are doing ALL THE RIGHT THINGS GIRLIE! Even though I know you question so much sometimes...this right here, sums it all up!!!! xoxoxoxoxo


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