My One Little Word {2013} ...

I have chosen this year to pick a word again....instead of a list of resolutions. 
Last year my word was Nurture. 
I wanted to nurture my relationships with my family and friends. 
Spend more quality time developing true solid relationships. 
The babies ended up keeping me busier than I anticipated 
and for a longer period of time than planned! 
Because I was nurturing two sweet children {and still am}
I don't necessarily feel like I failed,  but I didn't do all I had intended. 
But I did nurture, so I love the idea of One Little Word. 
I never gave up on my word...like I might have resolutions. 

 This year I was shying away from picking a word. 
I really wanted to just enjoy each moment. 
Enjoy each day. But I was also feeling a draw spiritually to improve.
And then in sacrament meeting  
a missionary shared a thought on obedience. 
I was instantly touched by the Spirit. 
This was the word I was searching for.
The word that described the feelings of my heart.
This would be my word. 
My One Little Word. 

I created this little print to remind me of my word. 
I can't think of a better way to live each day....
to enjoy each moment...than through obedience. 
Like the quote says...
it makes the mundane...majestic!
And we all know everyday life can be mundane.
I want each day to feel majestic.

I have already been blessed by being obedient.
A mundane task...made majestic.
In the middle of the night. 
I plan to share this year my experiences
to help me reflect on my word.

 Have you chosen a word this year...or made resolutions?


  1. I love this, and I love your printable! I'm trying - my word is Gratitude.

  2. I chose Balance as my word. To find balance in my everyday life. Love that you made yourself a printable!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hahahaaa! I removed original comment because I spelled a word wrong that made a mockery of what I wrote! This is what I meant to say:

    My word this year is present. I want to be in life. When Kate is talking to me- I want to listen whole heartedly. When I am doing a task- I want to do it deliberately. I want to live life anchored to the ground and feel the feelings, celebrate the joy, ponder the downs... (when I first posted, the sentence read: my word this year is resent. hahahaha! I do not want to spend the year resenting!)

  5. Love this post. My word last year was also nurture! This year it's "surrender". I'm working at it...surrender to Him and what He is wanting me to do. It's not easy....;)


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