Bachelor Re-Cap...{episode 4}

This re-cap is going to be short and sweet.
I'm re-capping from the hospital. 
Little Mister has weak lungs and was hit hard
with the cough, congestion and fever.
Hoping to go home either today or tomorrow.
Been here since Monday morning.
No fun.
But thankful for Bachelor to get me through
the middle of the night wake-ups.
Just finished watching at 4:35 am.

from memory....
it's bad enough we see Sean shirtless
{well I guess it's not a bad thing} 
but just in his underwear in the opening segment?
Enough already.
We know he has a good body.

Selma was hating that date.
She was trying so hard to be a good sport.
But like she said she would rather be in 6" heels.
Oh but she is sweet. And gorgeous.
And oh so flirty.
No kissing...means she will go far.
You always want what you can't have!

group date was ridiculous.
Amanda is no better than Tierra with playing to win.
and while I'm thinking about it....
Amanda's lipstick was horrible in the cocktail party.
Was she trying to distract from her fake hurt on her chin?

Tierra....wants to win.
We know Tierra.
But hey...maybe you should start saying
I want to fall in love. I want to find a soul mate.
Pretty sure watching that back
Sean is going to be like....'win' really?

Lesley H. is very immature.
Holy Moly is her favorite saying.
She was too giddy and her nervous chatter was really young sounding.
I was surprised actually.
Pretty girl. Not so Pretty dress. Pretty jewelry.
Pretty horrible she had to take it off the necklace before getting into the car.
She handled herself pretty well though.
That was actually when she showed the most maturity.

Rose Ceremony....
Best overall look in my book this episode goes to Sarah.
Loved the dress, the necklace and the hair.
Total style package this week.
In fact, I think it is safe to say that this week
the dresses were the decent.
Except for Tierrable's.

Best makeup goes to AshLee. So natural glam.
And I still really like that girl.

Worse makeup goes to Lesley M.
What happened girlfriend?
And also, I'm pretty sure at some point between the cocktail party
and the rose ceremony
something happened and the rose ceremony had to be re-created.
I'm pretty sure AshLee's hair bump was gone 
and all of a sudden Lesley M.'s hair was curled.
Did anyone else notice that?

So happy Daniella got the last rose over
constipated Amanda.

Oh and funniest part of the episode for me...
when Tierra was giving herself that pep talk about how she was going
to stay strong and not let anything affect her and
then moments later was having a complete feel sorry for me
I'm being tormented breakdown.

Oh and what about cute Catherine going for that walk
to get a kiss. I like her.

So what did I forget?


  1. Great observations as usual!

    The underwear. Ugh. That was just ridiculous and unnecessary.

    I didn't catch the rose ceremony redo! Good eye.

  2. You pretty much nailed it! No shirt and underwear was a little unnecessary. But really? Put Sarah in a roller derby? But she did well.


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