Bachelor Re-Cap {episode 2}

OK...I've got all three sickies asleep for a nap
and a bag of Mint Milano cookies by my side.
I'm ready!

How fun for Sarah to get the first date.
That just made my heart swell so much.
you have no idea.
having a son with a disability...
I always wonder what special lady will love him.
this makes me so so happy to see her glowing as her confidence grows.

C'mon Kacie...you've been on bachelor before
and your surprised about the helicopter.

oh wait...sarah got in first and I have to admit that I instantly
thought that that wouldn't be the best seat for her for being comfortable
to hold his hand. But I see as they fly away...they've switched seats.

As long as Sean doesn't make any references to their fall just like love and life
I'll be OK with this whole gig.
That was crazy and looked so fun.
And so far...Sean passes the test of really being genuine.
I'm sure the producers were like
....you need to make a reference that this fall is like
falling in love and taking chances and risks....
and sean was like...ummm...NO.

And OK...producers...we know she only has one arm
you don't have to keep zooming in on it.

there are a lot of girls on this group date.
oh robyn gutsy talking within ear shot of tierra
she got visibly uncomfortable...but who wouldn't?!

love that it was lesley m....miss politics that got that sweet kiss in front of everyone. 
she was a favorite and that little scene just knocked her up a notch!

oh kristy ford model...that was hot.
there was no denying it.
and tierra you are totaly lying about not letting it get to you.
c'mon who are you fooling.
and for the record tierra...your jealous face is ugly.

oh no....now tierra is talking in third person.
shoot me now. sean is too nice for this drama.

L O V E lesley m.
what the heck is kacie wearimg....
that red dress and jacket is a no likey for me.
and love that sean wants to explore their friendship.
kind of reminds me of how dave and i started out!!

the vegan girl who likes the beef was hilarious.
selma was darling
and tierra's fringed boobed outfit is worse than kacie's dress.

omg{osh}....desiree is adorbs and looks just like my friend Kathy M.
poor katie...hope she wasnt looking for sean to beg her to stay....
it felt like he jumped on 'ok then let me walk you out'
kuddos to katie for staying real and honest with herself and sean.
not always easy in that type of setting i would think.

 Yes...I love a practical joker.
I think Des will handle this just fine.
remember when she threw the bouquet at the chandelier in her intro?!

jet, helicopter....or a fake art museum!
oh sean's feeling so bad already.
i like him. really like him.
she was a good sport.
not quite sure it was the response they were hoping for
but shows she is a sweet sweet girl.

broccoli...not a good move on a firt date.
those little green trees always get stuck in your teeth!
yowzers...she has got a body.
and she looks like she might be thinking she has something in her teeth.
see I told you. stay away from that and poppy seeds on a first date.
I really like this girl des.
as tierra would say...
send them all home.
I'm sold on Desiree.

Dang there are some good girls here.
Jessica...you might want to start watching...
this might be the sweetest season yet!
{you told me to tell you if it was worth watching!}

What's up with these cocktail dresses.
Half of them look like they are from Cache.
Puke. Anyone heard of BCBG.
Try there next time!
Not a huge fan of any of them.
Except maybe Robyn's.
And Lindsey...aka wedding dress girl...cutie.
Dress...not so cutie.

Amanda...time to go. Who do you think you are?
too good to talk to the girls.

Yay for Robyn to bring up another elephant in the room.
The show has been accused of not being culturally diverse.
This season there were three black women and an asian woman.
 I like that Robyn just asked...
if you are his top 3...to a black woman, an asian woman, and a caucasian women...
then I want to know where he stands with race.
 Like...what is his type.
And I love that Sean is totally comfortable with the question.
Yay for Robyn and that confidence boost.
She wanted to hear that and he was completely comfortable!

Oh hello Amanda...I mean Mr. Hyde.

I'm pretty sure we've seen that dress on Kacie before.
Nothing bad about it.
Good for her for knowing her budget!

On my short list for going home....
Mommy Diana
Lesley H.

Oh he made Tierra wait awhile for the rose.

 bye bye Brooke with your rose colored dress
rose colored lips and rose colored hair.

And Diana...you looked like you had to poop through the whole rose ceremony.
You are cuter than that. The nerves must be awful.
I'm sorry.  I liked you.

Lots of great girls this season.
I already have a few favorites.
Do you?


  1. My friends and I bemoaned the fact that we weren't doing commentary this season so I am really glad you are back!!! We think so many of the same things.

    I noticed the helicopter seat switch too. Whew.

  2. Doesnt she look just like Kathy!? I think so too!


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