Bachelor Re-Cap {episode 1}

It's Re-Cap time.
Nothing like starting off the new year with a classy
Bachelor post!

Just based off of the previews it looks like this season
will be the train wreck we have come to know and love
with Bachelor.

But FYI...Sean...lose the cardigan. It's not your style.

For the record....I don't think Sean is hot.
but his down to earth, family man feel makes
me really really like him!

I forget....does Sean live at home still?
or was that the joke when Emily went to visit!

Flannel and jeans....now that's your style!!
And oh Sean....about you only getting engaged once....
maybe you shouldn't have said yes to the bachelor.
Although I do believe you are a boy version of Trista...
so maybe this will work for you.
But everyone starts off Bachelor saying they are only doing it once.

And Arie giving kissing lessons. Hilarious.
And much needed!
Nice job ABC producers having Arie address his tongue issue.

Bring on the girls.
First the teasers....a little look at the girls.
Like Desi...the bridal girl with the chandelier mishap!
Tierra...oh she is darling and so so excited the bachelor is Sean.
Too funny.
Robyn...learning Spanish with sticky notes...blah.
Diana with two girls is the total family package.
Sarah, with one arm....oh love her...
but it doesn't work like it did with Jef with one F.
Fifty Shades girl is definintely NOT his style.
Lesley M. looks wholesome!
Adopted AshLee had me crying.

Now let's REALLY meet the girls.

AshLee did a great job as the first one out of the limo.
Her red dress was stunning.
Cute Jackie with the kiss on the cheek. It was innocent and sweet
just like Sean...but does he have to wear it all night?
Nice move Selma cleaning the kiss off. But the tissue looked 'used'.
Leslie H....dress is a little 'old' looking and mr. mcsteamy...no she didn't.
Daniella's hand shake was sweet and just a tad long...or it would have been
a perfect fun intro!
Kelly's dress looks like it is straight off the ship's entertainment closet.
Is crunchy Katie {yoga girl} barefoot?
Fifty Shades girl...he honestly looked a tad disturbed by your tie.
or if  you are a pitch perfect fan...accaawkward!
He had no clue what the symbolism was.
Taryn was a sweet follow up. Each getting a fresh start.
Robyn aka spanish learner backwalkover girl...NO.
You fell. That is horrible.

Lacey's heart lace was cute. 
Paige...fan from Bachelor Pad 3...interesting!
what was it that made him go get a rose for Tierra.
CRAZY. and scary for her just left standing there.
And if he was going to break the rules he should have just told
the backwalkover girl to get back in the limo.

And enemy #1 just walked in the door with a rose..
Amanda fit model with her awkward moment was funny.
Keriann....just wondering why you didn't fly?!

Desiree's pennies in the fountain was genius!
Great first impression and you are right Sean...
she is really cute. Not gorgeous like some of the others...but looks genuine.

Brooke sounds all reserved but I bet she has a wild side.
Diana made a great first impression.

Politician Leslie was darling with her football play!
Might be my favorite so far.
Italian girl...the joke wasn't as good as it was in your head.
And Lindsay...wedding dress girl. it just went from bad to worse.
First kiss! The prankster.
She's got balls....he hopes not.
But I like you Lindsay. I hope you stay around for awhile.

Who is number 26....I love Kacie!
Kacie and Des are so down to earth and so Sean's type.
I love them both. 
Yay for Desiree!

ha...mean mugging. 
Sean is stirring the pot with the roses...
and Robyn got a rose.
Oh no Lindsey...wedding dress girl...you are too drunk. Bummer.

Kacie...has best quote of the evening... 
'she just needs a lot of water!'

Fifty Shades girl is wacked.
He brought a 'rape whistle' in case he's in trouble.
Sean just stole best quote of the night win!
Fifty Shade of drunk.

I'm so sad I'm watching alone. Dave would have had fun with 
this group of girls. And for the record. I love Kacie...still.

oh wow...your momma 'lesley' got a rose.
she just seems too old for him.

oh darn...Taryn been's drinking a bit too much too.
Yay for Sarah with one arm.
I love that she addressed it with Sean!

Happy the politician girl Lesley M got a rose.
Fifty Shades looks like she is going to puke.
Kacie...enough said. she is perfect for him.
Kristy Ford Model made it.
And I liked Daniella.
Yay for Taryn and second chances!
C'mon Lindsey...wedding dress girl. I want her to get a second chance too!
I just threw my hands up in the air in victory.

So happy with his picks. 
I love that he knows each of the girls' names he is saying goodbye to.
Crunchy Katie...did you get a rose.
I can't remember. But didn't see you go.
You are cute. but not his type.

Kelly make sure you return your dress to the cruise ship.
And maybe cut off the hanger straps next time.
I am sorry you are sad though. You are a cutie.
Your dress was just a NOT.

Did Fifty Shades say goodbye...or is she just lying on the ground
 somewhere in the house beneath their feet!

Oh it feels good to get my snarky side out!!
Until next week ladies.
you know I love to hear yours too!


  1. I haven't seen the episode, but really want to watch it because Katie is a blogger that I used to (well still do) follow! She is at sweettaterblog.com. She "took a break" near the end of September and I just found out from twitter that it was because of the show. I really want to watch it, especially because you are calling her Crunchy- not sure what's up with that? :)

  2. I totally LOL'd when Kacie said she needed water. I actually loved that Katie was barefoot... my kinda girl. I loved Tierra right away, but according to the trailers, she's a bit Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde... EW! I hate to say it, but I didn't like Daniella. Something about her screams "slimy used car salesman" and I'm not sure I trust her. Forget the dress, did you notice Cruise Ship Gal's hair? EEK! Shoulda looked at the back of her head before running out the door. Oh Miss 50 Shades, tsk tsk tsk. You're gonna watch that back someday and wish it hadn't happened at all. Super glad he didn't keep her around just to see what would happen next. In the re-cap I did on my blog, I mentioned that if the gal who actually works at a bridal salon didn't even wear a dress, maybe Wedding Dress Girl shouldn't have either. And I had forgotten about the Italian mafia joke, but I totally agree w/ you! I like your "male version of Trista" assessment. Never thought of it that way, but I really hope it works out like that for him. Here's to what looks to be a very interesting season!

  3. Hahahaha I was just as excited to read your re-caps as to watch the show... spot on... hahaha

  4. Ack, so glad your recaps are back!!!

    I adore Kacie too. Though she wasn't on many of the "coming up" shots.... but there also wasn't a proposal scene on the previews either. Hmmm... what's ABC up to?

  5. I love your recaps. The only reason I watched the Bachelorette last season is because I wanted to understand your amazing posts! And now here I am watching the Bachelor...never thought I'd say that. :)

  6. so i don't usually watch bachelor but i started too.. and i think your post was pretty dead on.. except i don't really like the yoga lady.. but i guess we didn't get to know much about her. my favorite Lesley from DC! especially in her intro video! and Kacie is just gorgeous. some of the hair was awful... especially the cruise ship entertainer.. she couldn't curl her hair all the same or what????? 50 shades girl was so pretty until she started talking!

  7. 50 shades of wack had to go!! I love Kacie, but they act like brother and sister. Hopefully not by the next episode. Ready for your next recap!


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