Bachelor {episode 3}

Hello again darlings.
I'm talking to you girls reading this...
not the girls on the show!

Yay for Lesley M!
I love that he picked her for this world record.
And I agree...she looks like a good kisser.
And a good sport!
How crazy they just had to stay there with their lips together though.
I thought I was going to ask dave to try it with me,
but quickly realized it was just one reallllly loooong peck.
Lesley made it good though.
Sean wasn't too bad either.

Later at dinner....
Stop kissing please and put down the champagne glasses.
Loved the control..but didn't love the awkwardness with the glasses.

For getting the 'first rose' Tierra hasn't had a one on one date yet...has she?
I could see/hope/wish Lesley going to the end!

Amanda...you aren't on a 'field' you are on the beach court!
Beach volleyball is a lot harder than it looks.
I'm thinking blue is going to win.
I can't believe how close it is.
Oh that vb game was ugly.
that's it ladies...talk to each other on the court.
{ok that's the volleyball mom coming out in me}

Lesley H. and Daniella needed that date.
He does not know them at all.
But I have to say...I love who was on the blue team!

Kristy Ford Model...what do you have in your ears.
Lots of bling earrings going up the ear.

oh kissing lindsay...back off on the tongue Sean.
Let's see...how many girls will he kiss tonight.
cuz I'm pretty sure him and des with kiss also.
and they kiss right off the bat!

oh how crazy...I would hate if the other girls could hear my conversation.
Amanda is weird. Her conversation was weird and her confidence
about getting the rose is even weirder. 

Oh Kacie...he is not interested in this conversation.
He's a guy...he doesn't get it.
The problem Kacie...you arent really telling him what is going on.
Tell him...Amanda is mean. and gives shooting glares.
Kacie...you aren't making sense. Shut up.
You are killing yourself this go around.
I'm guessing Lindsay is getting the rose.

YAY! And she does.
Take that confidence Amanda and shove it wear the sun don't shine.
Along with your two faced smile.

I'm looking forward to AshLee's date.
She was the girl in foster homes and then adopted.
The only thing wrong today....is her dress.

What can I say about Tierra...
she is young, immature, whiney, jealous, uugh.

I'm torn about AshLee's dress.
Something about it I don't like.
But then there is also a couture look to it.
Your outfit is anything but amusement park appropriate.

Oh this meet up between two online friends
is going to make me cry.
how sweet for them and for ashlee and sean.

Crying. Big ol lump in my throat tears.
such a special day for those girls.

And a special time for AshLee and Sean as she tells her story...
through Sean's tears.

Tierra I really need you to stop smiling while you talk.
It's cute and all but getting really annoying. 
She is fishing for that one on one date next week.

All this stealing...
Sean take control of these girls.

Kasie...first off...your 80's wetsuit dress is hideous.
Your matching rubberband...wrong.
And I can guarantee that you aren't going to get more than a few words in
before getting interrupted.
opps I could hardly finish typing that and two girls show up!

That cocktail party was ruthless. 
Kacie and Sean just need to kiss and see what it feels like.
That is how dave and I took it from best friends to practically engaged!

I'm thinking Jackie, Daniella and Lesley H. don't have a great chance.
Just not enough time. Let's see what he does.

Good for Sean for taking a minute to clear things up.
Oh that is crazy...but what a man.
And what a horrible dress. And what's up with her finger?
Did you see that big knobby thing on the end of Kacie's finger.
Oh...I feel bad for Kacie. She really didn't 'show' well this go around.

Oh and a van no less for the send off. Not a limo.
That's a double slap in the face.
So much for trying out that kiss.
His tongue would have probably choked you anyway.

Darn Tierra getting the first rose.
All because of that fall probably.VICTIM.

Wow...to Lesley H. I haven't felt a connection at all yet.
oh an Daniella...I've got it all wrong.

Taryn must be going home. 
when amanda said yes to the rose...I wanted to slap her in her two face.

Des is going to get it. Why the suspense.
So Taryn and Kristy Ford Model going home.
Kristy has already cried...so this good-bye will be a tearful one.
Her hair and dress are gorgeous though.
And she got the book cover.
Win for her.

oh and that finally shot of Lesley M's white dress is no bueno.

And I can't stand to watch Tierra's facial expressions.
I might puke.
I'm all for good TV...but that is just going to be torture.

Whatcha got to say about this episode? Let's hear it!


  1. These are my favorite updates.

    This was so not my favorite episode at all but following Ashley Spivey's tweets makes it much more fun.

  2. Kasie was such a sweet cutie on her last bachelor go-round. We were all rooting for her. This season she just came across as calculating right from the start. And when she picks all her dresses based on how much leg she can show, clearly she thinks that is her only asset. I wish she had relied on her personality a little more and stuck with the girl next door image. Love your updates April! I have watched every season bachelor and bachelorette. I saw Ryan at the grocery store in Vail after he married Krista. His firetruck pulled up out front and the guys got out to buy lunch. Can you imagine?? One of my only celebrity sightings, but the best ever!

  3. I am totally with you on AshLee's dress it was strange... but her shoes and legs were pretty great.


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