It's Not New Year's Yet....

....but today our family resolved to making Sundays
more special.

Like really trying to keep it holy.
Following that 3rd commandment you know.

We woke up and listened to The Lower Lights 'Nearer' soundtrack
while getting ready. We were actually on time to church today.
Who knew?!

We went for a Sunday drive up a mountain right after church
to marvel at God's beautiful earth and well....
see the dinosaur statutes that the kids kept talking about.

We came home, tidied up the house from the morning mess.
I had put dinner in the crockpot before leaving for church
so no mess in the kitchen until dinner.

We read scriptures together, watched the Spoken Word 
Christmas special on BYU TV, took short naps
and then went for a walk.

We plan on having a Family Home Evening lesson
on Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and coming
up with a whole list of Christ and Family centered activities
to pick from on Sunday.

And we also decided when traveling on Sunday we will
try to pack as much food as possible and do as little spending as possible.

We have some bad habits to break.
But we are committed as a family.

What about you...
do you have any good ideas for Sunday activities?!

We'd love to add them to our list.

What won't be on our list anymore....
running to Target for something little.
ordering pizza for dinner because of poor planning.
excessive computer time on trivial items.
7-11 for an energy drink.

Yup...we pretty much sucked last year.
So we'd love to hear some ideas.

Pretty please?


  1. We often have a "family movie" afternoon/evening on Sunday's where we all curl up on the sofa together and share blankets while we watch a great Christian family movie. Some of the best ones we have enjoyed (and usually have watched more than once) "Courageous", "Fly Wheel", "Faith like Potatoes", "Facing the Giants", "Blind side", "The Secondhand Lions", "The Ultimate Gift"....there are many more, but that is all I can think of right now. Our boys are 6, 9 and 11 years and they all have enjoyed the above. They love that we make popcorn and enjoy our movie together - a little act that costs us almost nothing and really means quality time to our kids all while giving us all really good life lessons through the movies.
    We also frequently play board games with them on Sunday's after church. Again, really means quality time to the kids. Teaches them all kinds of skills and we are all talking, laughing and interacting in the process :)
    Hope that helps give you a few new ideas and I hope your family has a wonderful 2013!

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  3. We recently resolved the same thing and its been so great. We do family walks and play outside together. We try to keep the TV/electronics to a minimum and just remember how to be in quiet. As you can imagine in a house with a 2 and 4 year old, quiet doesn't last all day but its nice to unplug and focus on connecting with each other by talking and doing things together rather than all the distractions electronic media can bring. My husband put together two baskets with little notebooks for our kids (2, 4 and 12) that has paper for writing letters, journaling and drawing. He put in a bunch of crayons and a few little non messy arts and crafts supplies and in the afternoons after lunch he pulls it out and they all sit around the table writing or drawing letters to cousins. He also put a list of the family birthdays in and we make birthday cards to send too. He then made another basket full of family photo albums and family home movies that the kids can paw through and we end up sitting around talking about memories which is a lot of fun.

  4. I'm glad we aren't the only Sabbath slackers. I think planning ahead is the big thing. If we can really make Saturday be a special day, then Sunday will be, too. :)

  5. So important. I love this post and love your dedication to your family. It's so critical to take the time to make it special - our family time is flying by before our eyes and this is a major goal we have for 2013 as well. Happy New Year my Friend!

  6. I have been convicted of this too. Sunday I try to rest. I know it means different things to different families. You just have to decide what it means to your house. sometimes I take a nap. sometimes, I visit. sometimes we go out to a big lunch. But we try to rest mentally and physically. and sometimes it is hard to do so! There is always so much to do!!


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