Honors Geometry

Kaia has struggled with her Honors Geometry class.
She has a tough teacher but she is finding out that a tough teacher is OK.

The semester is coming to a close.
She had a final project due today regarding all the vocabulary
involved in Honors Geometry.

They were challenged to turn in a creative project with a two page
reflection paper to go along explaining their chosen project.

I LOVE what this girl came up with and I've attached it 
all her because I am so proud of her.
I hope she doesn't mind!

She chose to do a stop motion/animated.gif video.

And here is her two page paper supporting her project.

'Honors Geometry. In my mind I think....this should be easy. I eagerly join the class. Sit down ready to learn. And find myself stumped. This past semester has been a very good learning experience for me. I have had my ups and my downs in all subjects but I have probably had the most growing experience in geometry. Honors geometry has pushed me like no other class has ever done before. I have always gotten through my classes with being able to just slide by but this class has made me have to step up my game and really work for something if I wanted it. It has made me stop and think about learning and studying and the importance of understanding. And with this project, half of it being reflection,  I wanted to incorporate what I have learned this last semester into my project.  At first, I was stumped on how to show my joys and frustration. As time went by I realized what better way to show my thinking process then to just take a look inside my brain.

My project starts off with my eyes closed, not quite prepared for what lies ahead in the semester. As time goes by and theorems come and go I get overwhelmed with all the new information.  I got frustrated with myself, not knowing why I couldn't understand these problems. Math had come easily before this. It's not until halfway through the semester when I realize I have been taking the wrong approach with this new material. I quickly change my point of view, and start to understand a bit easier. My mind goes from algebraic thinking to geometric thinking. I look around, back to the beginning, and everything slowly starts to click when I apply myself. I still get frustrated here and there, but all the theorems in my head start to make sense and all come together. As the end of the semester comes, I have realized what it takes to be able to keep up with this class. And by the end, I close my eyes filled with knowledge I would have never guessed I would've be able to learn.

This project has really gotten me to think about how much I have learned since the beginning of the school year. Not just theorems and postulates and how to write proofs, but how to approach a subject I have never seen before. How to adapt to the mindset of new thinking methods. I remember you saying that you had a wake up call in college because you had never been challenged, and you were giving us the opportunity to kind of experience it. Well this opportunity has open my eyes so much. I used to be able to not put my all in it and pass the class, but this year has made me have to step up to the plate and really put my mind to what I want to accomplish.'

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  1. Wow...she is so creative. I bet the teacher loved it!
    My daughter had someone pay for her drive thru order today...then she paid for the person behind her. I told her your drive thru story...a little twist ...paying for the person in front. She loved that story. Have a happy weekend!


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