30 Seconds Saved His Life.....

Last night we invited my parents for dinner.
Well we really invited them to babysit for us
but enticed them with dinner!

We had a church meeting.
When we returned from the church meeting
there was some commotion in our court.
It was obvious that a vehicle had crashed into
my dad's truck as it was coming into the court.

We jumped out of the car to find both my dad and Blake
very shaken and Blake still upset.

You see....30 seconds before the car hit my dad's truck
Blake had been standing between my dad's truck
and Dave's big truck.

My dad had been fixing a hole in the back driver's side tire of Dave's big truck.
Blake was standing behind the big truck and in front of my dad's 
truck holding the flashlight while my dad was under the car.

They had just finished up and my dad told Blake
to go put the flashlight away in the big truck.
Blake moved from between the cars and around to the driver's side of the truck
standing on the running board to put the flashlight away when 
the vehicle slammed into my dad's truck
and slamming into the back of Dave's big truck.
It smashed it so hard that the hitch was stuck in the front end of my dad's truck
and the trucks were sandwiched together.

My dad had just rounded the corner of the truck also.
Seriously 30 seconds earlier and Blake would have been crushed
and my dad injured.

Feeling so blessed today. Hugging Blake and keeping him close.
I believe that God gives us challenges that he knows we can handle.
I'm especially grateful today that he knew at this time in our life
we could have NOT handled that accident.
I laid in bed early this morning and said to Dave...
you realize we could be in some hospital right now with a son paralyzed
from the waist down or even killed.
And I thought....30 seconds.

I talked with Blake about offering a personal prayer to Heavenly Father
today....one of gratitude. 
We chatted about how he says his prayers.
He said...he is usually lying in bed.
We talked about showing Heavenly Father proper respect when we can
by getting on our knees.

I told him....
'when we lay in bed it is just us being lazy.
Thankfully Heavenly Father wasn't lazy last night in protecting you.
You probably shouldn't be lazy anymore with your prayers!'

Thankfully it looks like the only damage to our truck is the hitch.
But it is attached to the frame of the truck and both trucks moved 2 feet forward
from the impact. So it needs to be inspected.

My dad's truck on the other hand....doesn't look so good.
I'm sorry dad. Hope you enjoyed dinner.
And thanks for fixing Dave's truck and moving Blake when you did.


  1. Oh my goodness, April! So many thankful prayers on Blake's behalf. What a scare!

    It's things like this that make you want to spend a lot of time on your knees.

  2. Oh my. I am forever grateful for times where I see the Lord's hand in my life. Your Dad knew to tell Blake to move, and Blake did it. I just love it.

  3. I held my breath as I read your post. Thank heavens Blake was out of harm's way. What a terrible scare. God bless.

  4. Thank God they are both okay! This is definitely a good reminder to get on my knees more often!

  5. Oh, wow, April. Sobering.

  6. So thankful God kept him safe. We recently had a car go through our bedroom wall. If it had happened 10 minutes later I would have had concrete blocks flying at me. So thankful for God's protection. I couldn't stop thinking about what may have happened had I been in there. God's timing can be so amazing!

  7. Oh man! So glad both are ok and I thought it was great that you taught Blake a lesson during this all. Blessed boys!

  8. So glad he was safe!!! Thank you for sharing this. An important perspective and reminder! Soooo relieved! xo

  9. I'm catching up on your blog and oh my goodness how scary! It is humbling to know that God has taken care of us when things happen like this, isn't it? So glad everyone is OK!


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