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I blog to journal. 

When I was a high school senior I made a goal to write in my journal every.single.day of my senior year. Some entries tell of my latest crush. Who I kissed that night. What my daily schedule was. And some entries just stated 'I'm too tired to write tonight.' I totally counted that as an entry. It's fun to go back and read about that time in my life. Such a busy time that might have been forgotten if I hadn't kept a journal.

Life is even busier now. And the art of writing is being lost. Imagine my surprise and love when I found a cute blond with a darling bag across her body at Blissdom a couple of years ago and she introduced me to her passion. Her business. Helping women journal. Super cute and super easy!

Katie and I have kept in contact since Blissdom and she has written a guest post that I am happy {and humbled by} to share here on my blog. 

Her journals are MY STYLE. Here's Katie!

*  *  *  *  *  *

Jane Austen once wrote, “Ah! There’s nothing like staying home for real comfort.”

April always expresses that so well in her photography and her stories, but I don’t think it’s so much home that crafts April’s household magic. It’s the love. In my mind, I still have the images of her family in the hospital, somehow magically transforming the uncomfortable room into a place of home. There was laughter and love taking charge over all the worry and fears. How does she do that?

How does one person embody so much love? I think it’s being a mom.

I’m Katie. I’m infatuated by women and their stories.

My mission is to help them celebrate their stories and know that they matter.

It began during my grandma’s 90th birthday. We were invited onto NPR’s StoryCorp recording bus. My job was to ask my grandma stories about her life. Her eyes filled with such happiness as she talked about motherhood and marriage. Even as she talked about the hard moments of motherhood and marriage, she oozed such passion. Prompting her was the best job I had all summer. 

Somehow, I knew I had to make this my full-time job. I had to help more women embrace their stories.

How could I help them capture life’s moments for future generations the way April does?

That’s when I knew.

Gadanke – my writing prompt journal store – was born.

Today, I hand-build a large range of journals like personal diaries and prayer journals, travel journals, journals for kids, and baby books.

Story matters.

The story of meeting April?

It began at Blissdom as two tall blondes on opposite ends of a packed room. How lucky that she paused to say hi to me. It wasn’t just a “hi.” You know April. She looked me in the eye and said, “You’re someone I want to know.”

There’s nothing like a mom’s kindness.

Like April’s kindness.

Three cheers to you, brave mama!


Katie Clemons is a storycatcher. She helps women capture their memories and document their stories with her eco-friendly journals. Her award-winning business, Gadanke, offers handmade journals filled with writing prompts, European papers, and fun embellishments. She also blogs about simple, handmade living from rural Montana and Berlin, Germany.

Shop | www.Gadanke.com
Blog | www.MakingThisHome.com
Facebook | www.facebook.com/Gadanke

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Thank you so much Katie! What a special guest post. My favorite journal available at Gadanke is the She. Journal. I love that I can pick a page and fill in my thoughts and feelings and it is quick, simple and pretty.

Katie has generously offered my readers a discount code to use in her lovely shop!

Enter MAMALOVE for a 10% discount good for the next 5 days. {I would totally get the aqua colored one!}

Lucky you. 

Now get journaling and share some of your heart!

Oh and my favorite page of my SHE. journal.....'he was sweet. Like whipped cream on an extra large hot chocolate.'  You can bet I wrote about my man...who comes second to my hot chocolate with whipped cream! just kidding. other way around. but perfect match up.


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