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.....you had me at desk.

I don't know about you but two things are essential to a playroom.
A chest for toys and a fun desk to either do homework at or play school!

I remember as a child dreaming of a school house style desk at home to do my homework on.
I wanted one for my children. But most were bulky and big.

Chest R Desk is a brand new piece of furniture
 that combines style, small space design and great pricing.
I was excited to be contacted by their social media organizer to share about
their cute new product.

Perfect for ages 3-12 and a great holiday gift this season!
Also perfect for homeschooling families.
A place to sit, learn and store your work or toys during school time.

And did I mention it is affordable?
Retailing for just under $60!
A perfect Christmas gift that would
continue to get used far past Christmas day.

Here's a little video that shows how it works.

My friend Kami actually got to test out this new piece of furniture in her home
and her children have absolutely loved it.

Here is what she had to say....

 "It would be great for homework, craft projects, homeschool and so much more. I love how the little chest below allows your child to keep all their items with the desk. The design is great too! The hinge on the chest is one where it closes slowly so it will never slam shut. It also has a little cut out to avoid little fingers from getting smashed." - Kami

Check out Chest R Desk for more information.
 Send the link to grandparents for Christmas gift ideas!
Also check out Chest R Desk on Facebook and leave some love...or likes.

*Disclaimer: while this is a sponsored post, all opinions are mine and I would only promote items that I truly think are cute, stylish and a great find. Really....my style!

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