Little Miss turns TWO!

She is getting so big.
She was the size Little Mister is now when we got her.
She weighs 21 pounds now!
But that is still tiny for 2 years old.

She is flexible
and checks to see if her feet are stinky!
Which makes her funny. Oh she is so silly sometimes.
And has a great laugh.

She is learning to fold her arms for prayers.

She also says 'AYE AYE AYE' in the funnest way.

She says 'weeee' around corners when I drive.

She is putting three and four words together
including 'Thank you, mommy!'

She has the sweetest manners.

She calls Kaia 'BAIA' and says it in a gruff voice for fun.

She is the pickiest eater.

She loves playing with her baby dolls and stroller.
And also markers, make-up, pantyliners, or anything else 
she knows she isn't suppose to play with!

She loves to be outside.

She loves music and dancing.

She adores anything Mickey Mouse.

She loves to have her hair done and then look at her 'pretties' in the mirror!

I can't believe we have a ONE and TWO year old in the house now.
We might have to start calling them the 'littles' instead of the babies!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Little Miss.


  1. Happy Birthday Little Miss!

    She's darling! I hope you all had a fun day!

  2. Happy Birthday Little Miss. Littles! That is too cute!

  3. Oh April, this post, that 2nd picture and caption, and that list of sweet milestones about your little miss just really touched my heart. What a blessing your family is experiencing. I love watching your journey and with every post and picture I (secretly) pray + hope that you will get to keep those babies forever :)

  4. Happy Birthday Little Miss! Such a sweet/precious little girl.


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