Funky Vintage Lovely Shop Open!

What? What?!

Limited quanities and for a limited time!
Enter code THANKFUL for 15% off.

There are some last chance Keep Calm necklaces.
When they are gone they are gone.
5 of each color left.

I'm hoping to keep the shop open for a few weeks
adding limited quantities of only my favorite products.

Coming soon.....
wood ornaments, 
mason jar soap pumps, 
a new style of apron, 
a few aprons for kids,
coffee cozies 
and maybe even some deep discounted cake plates!

I feel like creating/sewing this holiday season.
Happy Shopping.

Disclaimer: I can't guarantee how long it will last!


  1. Hey lady. Just wondering what the shipping timeframe was. I am excitedly (and rather impatiently because it's so cute) awaiting my sewing machine necklace. :) Thanks again!

  2. Ha! Got it in the mail today!! Thanks so much! I love it!


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