A Little Privacy.....

{....this might be a bit TMI for some of you. I'm sorry.}

I have never closed the door when I've had to use the potty because....

1. I'm pretty quick.
2. I need to hear if the kiddos need me.
3. I'm afraid I might miss out on something.
4. During the day, I'm the only one home.

Well the other day I found a tiny slice of heaven.

I had to pee.
And I decided to shut the door.
Imagine that.
And guess what happened....

1. I was still quick.
2. I didn't care who needed me.
3. I also didn't care what I might have missed.
4. I stayed in there for 20 minutes.

20 minutes all to myself.
After I was done going potty,
I put the seat top down and sat back on it fully clothed
and played on the iPad that was sitting on the floor there
from Blake's Ace Malone clean out earlier that day.

I heard kids come and go.
I heard Dave's footsteps enter our master bathroom and then leave.
I heard Little Miss call 'mommy' and then run
and call for 'daddy'.

And I sat there and thought....
why hadn't I thought of this sooner.

I'll admit it felt a little funny.
But while in there, I decided my water closet needed to be decorated 
a little cuter if I was going to hang out in there more often.

And then I went out to the family room and announced to the family
that I would forever more be closing the bathroom door!

Surprisingly, they all cheered.
I didn't know it bothered them so much.

I've always hated it when they have been behind that locked door.

If you are a mother....give it a try.
If you haven't already.
You will thank me.

I wish someone would have shared this info sooner with me.


  1. Replies
    1. just when i get a little nervous to post a topic like this....i get the sweetest comments. thanks, melissa!!

  2. I have a confession: I pretend I have to go to the bathroom to get a break from my kids. :)
    BTW, never comented before but LOVE your blog.

    1. Hello Amber!!
      Thank you for your kind comment and sweet words. And...thanks for the idea!

  3. I have always shut and locked the door.. 23years and 6 kids worth of shutting and locking. A girl deserves some time alone!

    1. Maddie...good for you! yay! and I'm holding you responsible now for not sharing this with me earlier. haha

  4. YOU ARE TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm gonna have to try this! For the love, momma needs a break too! ;)

    1. trust me sweets! try it. sneak in a magazine and even fake you have to go like Amber suggested!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Probably my most favorite post yet. haha I seriously can relate to this 100%. Oh girl, you just made my day. My favorite part was you picking up the ipad off the ground. I never know where I might find mine. :) Thanks for sharing. Absolutely NOT TMI. :)

    1. thanks stacy! it's the real life stuff, the little things, that mean the most...right?!

  6. No way, not TMI. I love this, and I need to do this! I totally go with the door open too. Maybe those few minutes would help me revamp. :)

  7. I don't normally comment but enjoy your blog! I just had to comment today: I do a similar thing :) My laundry room has a half bath, my husband and children have found me, on numerous occasions, sitting, fully clothed, on the toilet "hiding", often with my iPhone in hand, scrolling aimlessly through pinterest or instagram. My husband referred to it as my office the other day. I thought it was a good hiding spot because no one but me does laundry in our house. LOL We all need to find a few minutes of solitude now and then, I'm glad you've found your "hiding spot".

    1. oh...office, hiding spot....those are good code words! thanks for your comment.

  8. Oh, amen! It is so amusing that we need time alone so badly we are willing to use the bathroom to get it. :)
    I figured this out when my oldest was about 10.
    And the angels sang!

  9. too, too funny! As I am peeing with my little girl watching me, cuz she can't leave my side... I wonder how my husband finds time to read a magazine for 45 minutes in the bathroom everyday, sigh... if us mothers did that, well, imagine!

  10. seriously love this post! Just the other day, as I'm using the bathroom with the door open, ahem, hubby teases me about it. Maybe I'll learn...

  11. Too funny. I'm glad you've discovered the wonder of the locked bathroom. I've been known to hide out for a half an hour. I leave a book in one of my vanity drawers. It's about the only time I get to read anymore. My husband will come to the door and ask if I'm "busy" or just hiding.

  12. That is awesome. Sometime while at work I take a little longer. It is so peaceful in there.

  13. This cracked me up! I just recently started doing it! It's like a little slice of heaven!

  14. Superb! Generally I never read whole articles but the way you wrote this
    information is simply amazing and this kept my interest in reading and I enjoyed it.



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