Trick or Treat!

We did it!
Another holiday with 4 children.

Kaia as Deb from Napoleon Dynamite.
Although she got a lot of guesses as ME in the 80's!
I did rock a side pony as well as a side french braid back in the day.
But NEVER a fanny pack. 

Blake as Buddy the Elf!
Our favorite Christmas movie.
This is his second Halloween dressing up as Christmas.
When he was 3 he was Santa and said HO HO HO to every door! 
He won Funniest Costume at the Halloween party last night.

She asks for Mou....{as in Mickey Mouse Playhouse} every single morning.
I thought it fitting for her to be Minnie Mouse.
She makes the cutest one! 

I've begged Blake for the past two years to be Elvis.
I immediately knew what Little Mister would be this year.
How could we go wrong with his hair?!
Plus he is a little heartbreaker with those big brown eyes and dimples.

Happy Halloween.


  1. That little Elvis is just precious! I loved the years when I could choose how cute they were at Halloween....now they choose their own costumes. Oh we'll...it does make it easier anyway. Hope you get lots of treats!

  2. As I scrolled down, each costume became my new favorite, until I got to the end. Totally adorbs. Happy Halloween!

  3. Oh my goodness. Cuteness overload. Little Miss and Little Mister are too adorable for words. And Napolean Dynamite made me laugh. Great job!!

  4. Love your blog! Check out my Vintage store Vintage Pod at www.vintagepod.com!

  5. Deb is perfect!!!! Amazing costumes all! You guys win for sure

  6. little mister is the cutest elvis i ever did see.


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