This + That Friday.

How about a little This + That Friday.

This is Little Mister on his very first roll from back to tummy all by himself.
After a month of physical therapy he figured it out.
Last night he even rolled over and then sat up in his crib.
{Time to move the mattress down.}
Except he hasn't quite figured out how to get back down to laying
so I had to get up and lay him back down and say 'nite nite!'
Oh he is also waving 'bye bye' now. It is so cute.
I make him do it to everybody.
And just last night when he reached yet again for the remote control
Dave told him 'no no' so sweetly, but his bottom lip curled
up and the corners of his mouth turned down
and he was crushed and started to cry.
He wasn't mad...more sad he might have disappointed us.
It was the sweetest thing ever.
And I might have tried one more time to say 'no no' just to see his reaction
but Dave wouldn't let me do it.
The crying was just too sad.

That pit in your stomach when you realize 
you might have just lost 500 recent pictures on your iPhone.
I have that sick to my stomach feeling right this minute.
I just went to upload a bunch from this week to use in this post and they are gone.
Thankfully I've instragrammed the cute ones...but so many gone.
Where did they go?

We went to a foster care support group meeting last night.
It is held once a month.
We decided to just show up. Haven't been to one yet.
When they asked us to share how we were feeling about life in general
with a number from 1 to 10....I gave them a 7.
I started to cry and told them that the emotional roller coaster of a longer
term foster situation is tearing me up. And that I have so many questions about adoption
and that whole process. And I cried more because I then said, we were going into this
as emergency foster caregivers and now we are thinking about adoption.
The facilitator gently smiled and asked...'do you know what our topic is tonight?'
I smiled back and said...'no, we just felt like we needed to come.'
She said.....ADOPTION.
That wasn't coincidence.

This weekend we are hosting Kaia's volleyball team for an early
Thanksgiving Feast. We are excited.
I just scored some really cute decorations and plates, cups and napkins
in the dollar section at Target.
All of it for $19!

Happy Weekending.


  1. Is it weird that I am falling in love with Little Mister? Probably, but oh well. He is so cute, and little miss is too. I can only imgaine how hard it would be to not have these sweet spirits in your home. What a difference you are making in their lives. It's hard to think about where they might be if their family lived in another country, and not our country that has so many people willing to love another child. I might be thinking too much. Anyhow...I love Little Mister.

    1. Kelly....not at all!! He is so easy to love and his sweet little personality shows through in all these pics. he is easy going, so content and a pure joy!

      Little Miss is too, but won't sit still long enough for any pictures. She is blurry in all of them!!

  2. We don't believe in coincidences, right? I just got goose bumps reading your post! :) and Mister is so cute!!

    1. no we don't! :)

      there is something about Little Mister that stops a lot of people to comment on his cuteness and personality. there is just something about him and his sweet special spirit!

  3. April, I am praying for you and Dave on what exactly God wants with regards to Little Mister and Little Miss. He will give you the answer, He always does, in some way or another. Stay strong and just love those precious little ones. That's what is important. :)

  4. I totally have goosebumps. I love it when there are miracles in our lives.

    April, your family is absolutely amazing. You have brought joy and goodness to so many, and I am grateful to know you.

  5. Your little boy is a doll! I love all that hair.

  6. I do not believe in coincidences! Wow April. Powerful stuff.


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