It's a big day for a certain Little Mister in our home.

Today he turns ONE years old.
And we are celebrating.

He can sit all by himself.
He is reaching for toys and crossing midline.
He lights up when any one of us walks into a room.
He is still waking up once a night.
He is eating rice cereal with fruit and loves puffs.
He has a mean pincher finger grip.
He is working on saying 'ma ma ma'.
He already has 'da da da' down.
He can throw a ball or a pillow or a toy.
He loves to play with a cell phone.
Specifically sucking on it.
He also likes to play peek-a-boo.
He is happy and curious.
He will go to anyone.
He has the cutest dimples....
and lots of girlfriends!

Happy Birthday sweet boy.
We are lucky to have you in our home.


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet one! Hope his day is special!

  2. Happiest birthday, Little Mister, mama and daddy!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday to Little Mister! He is just precious. Hope that you all have a wonderful year celebrating.

  4. Happy Birthday Little Mister! What an adorable boy!

  5. Can I count as one of his many girlfriends?! :)

    Oh he is the cutest! Have fun celebrating him today!

  6. i can't believe he is one year old already! i still remember when he came home with you guys :)


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